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The Trials on the Isle story event has gone live in Pokemon Masters EX, bringing new story areas and items. These can be accessed by traversing the event map, battling in event battles, and collecting travel tokens.

This event coincides with the Spotlight Scout for Selene & Rowlet – which allows players to scout a five star version of this sync pair. Players will also be able to upgrade Selene & Rowlet to six star EX versions.

Both of these events will be live until May 1, 2021 at 10:59pm PT.

Fire Emblem Heroes has released a new update (version 5.4.1) to address an issue for an upcoming event. Apparently, a skill for a Hero in an unreleased event was not functioning correctly and this update is meant to patch it before the event drops.

This update can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices, and it is around 18MB. The patch notes are included below:

Mario Kart Tour has received a new update (2.9.0), and it adjusts the rules for Kart Pro. It also brings slight changes to the Lightning and Spiny Shell items in single player mode.

The update is around 90MB and can now be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. The full patch notes are included below:

As a way of celebrating the upcoming launch of New Pokemon Snap, a special event will be held in Pokemon GO. Players will have an opportunity to more frequently encounter Pokemon from the Lental region in the wild and in raids. That’s on top of a new avatar item, sticker, and the debut of Shiny Smeargle.

Below are the full event details:

The Pokemon Company has announced that a new update will be distributed for Pokemon Home in June. Once live, it will end support for certain devices.

The following will be impacted:

A new Gala Dragalia Remix will be arriving on Apr. 14, 11 PM PT. Adventurers such as 5-Star Humanoid Mercury and Child Ranzal will appear in the summon showcase. The featured illustration above shows Humanoid Mercury in full detail. Check out the other events in Dragalia Lost here, along with the Gala Dragalia Remix video:

  • The Elementary Escapades event started Apr. 11, 11 PM PT! Defend territory from waves of encroaching enemies in this solo-only event. Repel the Dyrenell Empire’s invasion and win peace for New Alberia!
  • This week’s Alberian Battle Royale started Apr. 13, 11 PM PT. This event will be held weekly from 11 PM PT on Wednesday to 10:59 PM PT on Thursday, and 11 PM PT on Saturday to 10:59 PM PT on Sunday. Enjoy these 16-person battles!
  • Poseidon’s Trial was added to Trials of the Mighty in Dragalia Lost on Apr. 13, 11 PM PT. Take on this quest with a team of wind-attuned dagger, wand, or staff adventurers to earn materials for unlocking Gala Elisanne’s mana spiral from the daily bonus.


A Double Special Heroes summoning event is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes. Check out the details for the event below, along with current information about Resonant Battles and this week’s Coliseum:

  • In this Double Special Heroes summoning event, two Special Heroes of each color are available as part of a 5-Star summoning focus and have an initial appearance rate of 6%! (The rate for regular 5-Star Heroes will be 0%.) Your first summon in this event won’t cost any Orbs!
  • This week’s Coliseum is active Apr. 13, 12 AM PT-Apr. 19, 3:59 PM PT. Take on Resonant Battles to earn rewards like Divine Codes (Part 2), Dragonflowers (A), a Fire Blessing, and Trait Fruit! (Allegiance Battles won’t be held this week.)
  • Bonus titles for the next Resonant Battles season starting Apr. 20, 12 AM PT, are Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. Use this time to prepare your best team!

Check out the latest events in Dragalia Lost:

  • The Elementary Escapades event started Apr. 11, 11 PM PT! Defend territory from waves of encroaching enemies in this solo-only event. Repel the Dyrenell Empire’s invasion and win peace for New Alberia!
  • In the Elementary Escapades event, you can use skills automatically in dragon battles, plus there’s a dragon battle that pits you against Astral High Zodiark! Get exquisite honey, flame tomes, and water tomes as glory rewards too!
  • The Onslaught Event Bonus is live as of Apr. 11, 11 PM PT! Log in during the duration to get great rewards such as wyrmite, rainbow orbs, and a champion’s testament!
  • A sixth mana circle, the mana spiral, was added to 5★ adventurer Gala Elisanne on Apr. 11, 10:40 PM PT.

Dragalia Lost has launched the Dragon Special summon showcase which features six dragons. The six dragons included are:

5★ Azazel (shadow)
5★ Gabriel (water)
5★ Menoetius (wind)
4★ Vodyanoy (water)
4★ Roc (wind)
4★ Juggernaut (shadow)
This event will last until April 14, 2021 at 11:59pm PT. 
Also, coming soon is a new onslaught event called Elementary Escapades. This event has two familiar characters that fight as kids against a hoard of enemies. This event will go live on April 12 at 12:00am PT. 

Fire Emblem Heroes is hosting a new Summoning Focus along with some other content, here are the full details:

  • Heroes who have gained new skills are featured as part of a 5-star summoning focus! A new weapon skill, Flower Lance, and new weapons to refine, Berserk Armads, Grima’s Truth, and Gáe Bolg, are here! Your first summon in this event won’t cost any Orbs!
  • A new map, Etruria’s Lovebirds, is now available in Tactics Drills: Skill Studies! Check it out in Story Maps to test your skills!