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Video: Teens react to 1-2-Switch

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Following up on the video for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, another “teens react” video is up featuring 1-2-Switch. Check it out below. 

Three teams from Smosh Games and Game Grumps participated in an event that had them racing across Los Angeles to play various Switch games including Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 1-2-Switch, Arms, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to determine who can earn the most points and be crowned the “Switch rally Champion”.

The first episode from Nintendo is below. In it, the teams complete missions in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and stop by a ranch in Hollywood Hills to play a series of 1-2-Switch games such as Milk.

1-2-Switch is already out, but Nintendo is still promoting the game. A new video showing the game’s presence at a recent Washington, DC event can be found below.

Within the past week or so, new 1-2-Switch interviews with producer Kouichi Kawamoto appeared in both in Famitsu and on Japanese website 4Gamer. While nothing too major was mentioned, there were a few excerpts we thought were worth highlighting.

First, on 4Gamer, the site started out by talking about how 1-2-Switch feels reminiscent of WarioWare. Kawamoto responded to this and later directly commented on why the game isn’t pre-installed.

Below is the relevant exchange between the two sides:

The first game I created after joining Nintendo was the Sound Bomber mini-game included in 64DD title Mario Artist: Polygon Studio. Sound Bomber became foundation for WarioWare, so I am credited as being responsible for coming up with it.

Does that mean 1-2-Switch is based on WarioWare?

No, it doesn’t (laughs). I happened to come up with something completely new this time. […]

Did you ever consider making a game like 1-2-Switch as part of the WarioWare series?

WarioWare throws new games with different rules at you one after another, and they are fairly difficult games. If you played them without looking at screen, they would be extremely difficult. Furthermore, the players themselves are the characters in 1-2-Switch, performing on their ‘stage’ in front of the screen, so there isn’t really any room for the Wario characters. Because of that, I decided not to use Warioware from the outset. I made something new.

1-2-Switch – Gorilla footage

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Nintendo has uploaded footage of another 1-2-Switch game, Gorilla. In the game, players must beat their chest like a gorilla to woo another gorilla. Check it out below:

A new episode of Nintendo Minute has gone live featuring 1-2-Switch. This time around, Kit and Krysta are joined by a few guests to play the game. Watch the full episode below.

More 1-2-Switch footage

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YouTube’s AbdallahSmash026 has offered another lengthy look at 1-2-Switch. Watch a bunch of additional footage below.

Japanese 1-2-Switch video

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Nintendo put up a new video for 1-2-Switch on its Japanese YouTube page showing off the brief intros you’ll see for the various mini-games. Check it out below.

1-2-Switch – Sword Fight footage

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Nintendo shared yet another look at 1-2-Switch on its Japanese Twitter page with a video for the Sword Fight mini-game. Take a look at it below.


1-2-Switch file size

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1-2-Switch will be sold at retail on March 3, but a digital option will also be available. If you’re going for the latter option, keep in mind that the game takes up 1.3 GB of space.

This isn’t the only file szie we have for a Switch title. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild takes up 13.4 GB, for instance. Other file sizes are located here.


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