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It was over a year ago when we first heard about a dubbed version of the Ace Attorney anime. Finally, we have some new news to share.

Funimation added a listing to its website for the first part of the Ace Attorney anime. The debut 13 episodes will be sold as a Blu-ray / DVD combo. According to the listing, it’s planned for January 23.

The listing provides us with the following synopsis:

As a brand-new defense lawyer, Phoenix Wright is learning what it means to be a true defender of justice. But when his mentor is murdered, things go downhill fast! With all evidence pointing to the victim’s sister Maya, it’s up to Phoenix to use all his wit and powerful shouting to prove her innocence. Which is easier said than done when up against Miles Edgeworth, the genius prosecutor.


Capcom has announced a release date for the 3DS version of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

In North America, the game is slated for November 21. The European release will take place on November 23.

We have a new trailer for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on 3DS below.

In a recent interview with GameInformer, Goichi “Suda51” Suda discusses the game designer’s “strange approach” to development. While talking about developer Grasshopper Manufacture’s other remakes, Suda51 also considers the possibility of revisiting Killer7:

The thing about Killer7 is that, right now, it’s not easy to play that game anymore right now. That’s definitely something I’d like to maybe revisit and update.

This is not the first time Suda51 has explored the idea of remaking or remastering the game. Released in 2005, Killer7 was originally planned to be a GameCube exclusive. With the upcoming Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes scheduled to be released on the Switch in 2018, might we see older Grasshopper Manufacture games see remakes on the Nintendo console in the future?


Capcom announced its lineup for New York Comic-Con 2017 toady. Only one Nintendo-related title (or should we say titles?) will be present, but it’s a notable one.

Those attending Comic-Con can go hands on with Resident Evil Revelations Collection for Switch. It sounds like both Resident Evil and Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be playable.

New York Comic-Con begins today and runs through the weekend. Resident Evil Revelations Collection is due out on November 28 for Switch.


Monster Hunter Stories received some special DLC in North America and Europe this week. The game received free Zelda content involving Link, Epona, and Majora’s Mask. You can view a bunch of footage from the new DLC below.

Capcom hasn’t done a whole lot with Mega Man in recent years. The series has seen a couple of retro collections, but not much else. Fans might be concerned about Mega Man’s future, but Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya recently tried to put those fears to rest.

Tsuchiya said at the Tokyo Game Show last week:

Update: The collaboration will be out in North America on September 28 as well.

Original: The Zelda collaboration for Monster Hunter Stories, first made available in Japan, is coming west. Nintendo has confirmed that players in Europe can access the DLC on September 28.

Below is a trailer for the collaboration:

No news yet for North America, but we’ll likely be hearing something soon.

Capcom has released trailers for the Switch versions of Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2, which give a nice overview of the games. Check them out below:

During a stage event at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom debuted the first footage of Resident Evil 1 and 2 on Switch. Check out the gameplay below.

At the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom showed off Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney with 3DS and the character’s Japanese voice actor. We’ve posted the relevant recordings below.

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