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Monster Hunter XX demo trailer

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Capcom has come out with a trailer for the Monster Hunter XX demo, released earlier this week in Japan. Watch it below.

Monster Hunter XX opening movie

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Ahead of its Japanese launch next month, we now have the opening movie for Monster Hunter XX. Give it a look below.

Shocking almost no one, yet another collaboration has been announced for Monster Hunter XX. Capcom is partnering with the CoroCoro manga Grandpa Danger. Felyne armor called Kikonashi D-ryman will be added as DLC.

In other news, the file size for Monster Hunter XX is in. It’ll take up 17,784 blocks, or 2,223 MB of space.

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Monster Hunter XX demo footage

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In Japan, Capcom has now released a demo for Monster Hunter XX on the 3DS eShop. We have a ton of footage of it below.

Some more details on Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers have emerged via Famitsu. In addition to some of the things we learned from the game’s box art, we now also know that you can customize your fighters in a variety of ways: you will be able to change their color palettes and play online using your unique-looking characters. Fighters will also gain experience and grow stronger as you progress through the game; it’s not known yet if this will only apply to singleplayer modes or if you will be able to use your powered-up fighters in online matches as well.

As for the new first-person mode we recently touched on, Capcom does indeed confirm that you play as Ryu and perform moves including Hadokens, Shoryukens, and Tatsumaki Senpukyakus. You’ll need to take down the Shadaloo Soldiers that appear on screen. Executing a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku is done based on hand positioning and movement speed of your arms.

Unsurprisingly, the game will also feature a Practice Mode where you can, well, practice your moves, combos and so on.

Finally, according to Capcom, development on the game is 50% complete – this likely means that the release of the game is still a ways off.

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Boxes for upcoming Switch games have started to show up in Japan. One of these includes Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, which has been floating around on places on 2ch. The box provides a couple of important details about the game.

First, it’s now officially confirmed that Ultra Street Fighter II will have a new first-person mode. This was originally teased in the game’s debut trailer last month. It’s a unique game mode called “Unleash! Ha”DO”ken”, and is specialized for use with the Joy-Con controllers in a first-person view.

Capcom just finished working on a sizable update for its Japanese 3DS game Megami Meguri. A new video was published today, showing what we can expect.

Here’s the trailer:

The update shows off the following:

– Three new goddesses and new story: the new goddesses are Okitsu Shimahime, Ichiki Shimahime and Takitsuhime
– Trip Memories Album: Can take photos from more scenery
– Visit Goddess: Can talk with senior goddesses
– New interactions and costumes for Tsukumo
– More features when tapping IC cards like getting food and festival T-shirts from visited regions. Over 300 stations in Japan are supported.
– Trip Melody: Has sound test, can listen to BGMs. New BGMs added through DLC. Tsukumo’s song can also be downloaded.

Megami Meguri players actually have access to this update right now.

Monster Hunter XX has yet another collaboration in the works. Today, Capcom announced a partnership with Japanese magazine Famitsu. The game will feature the custom-made Light Bowgun named Bullet Fox. A few weapons of the image can be viewed above.


Quite a bit of new Monster Hunter XX info was released lately, partly through Famitsu, and the game’s official website. Adam “Gaijinhunter” Evanko has kindly translated this avalanche of new details, and Perfectly Nintendo have compiled them. A fair bit of new screenshots and artwork was also released alongside these new details.

First up, some details about the monsters. The Ouma Diablos can enter rage mode, in which its body starts boiling. The steam it emits can literally blow you away if you get too close. The new Deviant monster is the “Hidden Dragon” Malfestio, who has a variety of tricks up its sleeve: it can become invisible, steal items and create shockwaves with its wings. Finally, the following returning monsters will be in Monster Hunter XX: Nerscylla, Gravios and Basario.

Head past the break for new info on Hunting Arts and new moves for Prawlers / Palicoes:

Monster Hunter XX has been on a roll with collaborations as of late. Sailor Moon and Kingdom are just a couple of partnerships we’ve heard about in recent weeks.

Today, Capcom detailed yet another collaboration in Monster Hunter XX. In teaming up with the game / anime Show by Rock!!, there will be a Slash Axe weapon named Red Tomahawk. Capcom has also shown an illustration of Show by Rock!! character Crow wielding the weapon being published.


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