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FuRyu updated the website for The Alliance Alive once again with new details about the RPG’s characters. Some of the information was previously divulged through Famitsu, but we have some extra characters and tidbits. Find the full roundup below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Princess Yukiha

– Race: Human
– Gender: Female
– Age: 17
– Young girl who serves as head of Shiramine Castle
– Now the head of the family following the death of her father
– Kind-hearted girl who is considerate of her vassals and citizens
– Determined to fight to protect them, but she has yet to come up to speed with being a young lord
– Strong sense of justice
– As a hard worker has earned great trust from the people


– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 70

– Senior minister who has served the castle since the era of the previous head
– Supports Princess Yukiha by her side
– Was in charge of educating Princess Yukiha when she was small, and is considered part of the family


– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 56
– Experienced samurai
– Sword master known as the “Holy Sword” in the era of the previous head of Shiramine Castle
– After his daughter died in battle, he fell to despair and retired from active duty
– Now has left behind his sword and spends his time at the bar everyday


– Race: Penguin
– Gender: Male
– Age: Unknown

– Male penguin with a wife and three children
– Has an unheard-of personality, always considering himself to be the person that attracts the most attention
– Likes sashimi the most out of all foods

Star Hierarch

– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 52

– Religious leader who rules over the crystal world city of Eschtorm
– Descendant of a family of prophets who speak to the stars and predict the future
– Known as the “Star Hierarch”
– Inherited the responsibilities of his ancestors


– Race: Human
– Gender: Female
– Age: 28
– Woman who belongs to the “Dragon Guard” that serves the Star Hierarch of the crystal world
– Powerful person who serves as a commanding officer
– Can control her flying dragon “Faflazard,” who she often uses

New footage has emerged for The Alliance Alive. Take a look at a video below containing just over a half hour of footage.

The Alliance Alive is FuRyu’s next 3DS RPG following The Legend of Legacy. In this week’s Famitsu, it’s explained how the two games differ.

World Setting

In The Legend of Legacy, the game takes place entirely on one island named Avalon, which only has one city known as Initium. Dungeons are scattered all over the island, and the objective is to find relics of the gods.

However, with The Alliance Alive, an entire human world is split into numerous zones, each of which has unique developments with the demon clan ruling over humans. When the nine protagonists from the separated zones gather, it will mark the beginning of an adventure to unveil the world’s hidden mystery.

FuRyu updated the official website for The Alliance Alive with new details. Characters Badr and Blue are introduced along with the new tribe Fiend. The information has been rounded up below, courtesy of Gematsu


Race: Monster
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

– A monster who violently rules over the rain capital Svarna
– Takes advantage of the fact that the Asmodians entrusted him to rule over the humans of rain world
– Devotes himself to utmost evil.


Race: Asmodian
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

– Has the economy of this world under his thumb through his business of water from “The Blue Oasis”
– This is the sole oasis of the burning world
– Respectful and tolerant towards those of high capability regardless of race


– Tribe that is subordinate to the Asmodians
– Beast-like appearance
– More powerful than humans
– They have little basic intelligence
– Many of them are violent and lack reason


Last week’s issue of Famitsu contained another information batch for FuRyu’s 3DS RPG, The Alliance Alive. We’re introduced to two new party characters and a couple of new locations.

Here’s what we learned:

The Alliance Alive – Talents footage

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FuRyu has released a gameplay video for The Alliance Alive, showing the game’s Talents system. Talents are abilities that characters can learn for different strategies and playstyles. They require points to learn, which are acquired by all characters by winning battles. A few of these talents include:
– “Continue the Fight Ability” – restores 1 SP per turn
– “Scouting Skill” – decreases enemy awareness
– “Negotiations and Bargaining” – decreases shop costs by 25%


V-Jump held a livestream yesterday where they played FuRyu’s upcoming 3DS game The Alliance Alive for nearly 1 1/2 hours, so if you want to see some extended (Japanese) gameplay, definitely give it a watch:


The Alliance Alive won’t be ready for its Japanese launch until June 22. However, FuRyu is giving fans an opportunity to try the game early with a demo arriving on Thursday. Specifics about the demo should be included in this week’s Famitsu.


FuRyu released another lengthy trailer for their upcoming 3DS game The Alliance Alive which gives a good overview of the game’s setting, characters, combat and various other features. Check it out:


FuRyu has yet another video up for The Alliance Alive showing the Ornithopter, one of the vehicles in the game. Have a look at it below.

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