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With the Pokemon I Choose You! movie coming out it seems that the original cap Ash’s Pikachu is being distributed now to celebrate. The code is PIKACHU20 to land your special Pikachu. This Pikachu also comes with a special Z-crystal Pikashunium Z.

You will only get to choose on of the special Pikachu caps, so if this isn’t the one you want you best wait a bit longer.


As we get closer to the release date we will start to see more and more advertising for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Here is some promotional poster art as seen from some Japan retailers.


Pokemon Sun and Moon – New Mega Stone code

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Another code is available for you to use to gain more Mega Stones, this time the Pokemon stones you can get are for Latias, Latios, Ampharos and Altaria. The code is DRACHE. It should be noted that all the codes for Mega Stones will stop functioning on October 31st.


The special battle rules have been announced for season 6 of Pokemon Sun and Moon. The season will run from September 12th to November 14th 2017 and be single battles. To see all the rules and the banned list of Pokemon check out the source below.


If you competed in the No Holds Barred competition the reward is now available for you to claim. You will receive 50 battle points and will have til October 30th to redeem your reward.


Game Freak’s ties to Nintendo go back even before the studio started working on Pokemon games. The company’s first project was Quinty for the NES, followed by Yoshi a couple of years later. Pokemon has been Game Freak’s bread and butter for many years, though they’ve started to branch out with titles like Tembo the Badass Elephant (a game not on Nintendo platforms) and Giga Wrecker (currently just announced for PC). Still, Pokemon is very unlikely to leave the Nintendo family by appearing on competing platforms.

Game Informer spoke with Game Freak co-founder Junichi Masuda as part of a big feature in its latest issue. One topic brought up is who exactly owns Pokemon. It’s a bit tricky, but ultimately Masuda highlighted that the rights lie with three companies: Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures.

Another Pokemon tournament has been announced,this time the focus will be on using Pokemon that are capable of using mega evolution only. The only Pokemon with mega evolution that aren’t allowed to enter are Mewtwo, Rayquaza and Diancie. Registration starts September 14th to the 21st. The actually competition will start September 22nd and finish up on the 24th.


One of the most popular Pokemon around is Pikachu. In an interview with Game Informer, Game Freak co-founder Junichi Masuda said that Pikachu was able to catch on with fans thanks to the anime and being Ash’s partner.

Masuda added that Game Freak didn’t go out of its way for Pikachu to be the face of Pokemon. It was anime production company OLM Inc. who thought it would make sense to put the creature front and center.

Masuda said:

Game Informer published another piece of content from its month long coverage of Pokemon coverage. This time around, a video has gone live with Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori showing design documents, and sketches from Sun/Moon’s development. Watch the video below.

Game Informer’s latest piece of Pokemon coverage is all about Pokemon spin-offs. Game Freak co-founder, director, and producer Junichi Masuda and Pokemon Sun/Moon director Shigeru Ohmori were both asked about their favorite ones.

As for Masuda, he went with Pokemon GO, though he’s unsure if it’s actually a spin-off game. Ohmori went with Pokemon Snap. He said that one of the best aspects of the N64 title was printing out the photos in real life.

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