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Natsume is back with the next part of its official Q&A for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Topics covered in the latest entry pertain to the overhead perspective, villager animations, bringing back characters from Skytree Village, and the innovative features being implemented.

Read the latest Q&A responses below. You can find the previous two entries here.

Natsume published the first Q&A for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope last week. Yesterday, a new wave of fan questions were answered.

The Q&A confirms some interesting information, including news about the game’s release. Development is said to be “moving along very well,” and it’s scheduled for the end of this winter. A physical version is also officially confirmed.

Here’s the latest Q&A in full:

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Q&A #1

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Natsume recently took some questions from fans about Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. The first portion of the company’s responses have now been posted.

For the first entry, Natsume talks about the story, number of bachelors / bachelorettes, heart / friendship events, and town development. Read up on the full comments below.

Natsume has prepared the second “Feature Spotlight” video for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. This time, we hear about the farming enhancements, and more specifically, Farming Friend.

Here’s the video:

And some background information:

Today, I’d like to focus on the farming enhancements coming in Light of Hope. As you can see from the video, we’re focusing on speeding up gameplay, with the ability to till, sow, and water your crops faster than ever!

But the big exciting feature we’d like to focus on is your Farming Friend! What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s an icon that will appear after you sow, water, or fertilize your crops to let you know if you’re raising them at their full potential!

And that’s not all! One of the best things about your Farming Friend is that after you’ve harvested a crop, your Farming Friend will now display exactly what crop you’ll be harvesting! No more guessing in case you forgot exactly where you planted what crops. And what’s more, if your Farming Friend displays a question mark over a crop you’ve already harvested, like a strawberry, you’ll know that you’ve succeeded in producing a MUTATED crop! Awesome!

In short, your Farming Friend is designed to make Harvest Moon: Light of Hope more user friendly and fun to play.
We hope the Spotlight Feature video sheds a little more “light” on this exciting new change to farming, and we look forward to seeing you again in our next Spotlight Feature segment!


A new Natsume sale has gone live on the eShops. In both North America and Europe, you can save 50 percent on nearly all of the publisher’s games.

The lineup of titles is as follows:

River City: Rival Showdown is releasing in North America this November, Natsume announced today. Along with a digital version, the company will be offering a physical copy that includes a limited edition keychain. Pricing is set at $29.99.

We have some additional information about River City: Rival Showdown below.

Natsume is kicking off a new Harvest Moon: Light of Hope video series today focusing on the game’s various features. The first entry introduces the rebuilding aspect.

Here’s the video:

And some background information:

We got our first glimpse of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope back at E3 in June. We now have a (slightly) better look at the game with another video below.

Worth noting, Natsume says that Harvest Moon: Light of Hope’s E3 appearance was based on a “very early build”.

It wasn’t too long ago that Natsume announced plans to localize River City: Rival Showdown on 3DS. Take a look at some off-screen footage below.

The Harvest Moon series went through a shakeup a few years ago. Marvelous took back ownership of the franchise – known as Bokujo Monogatari in Japan – and had XSEED publish future releases under the Story of Seasons name. Meanwhile, Natsume began to develop its own games under the original Harvest Moon title.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Natsume CEO Hiro Maekawa reflected on the situation, calling it “a big surprise” and “really scary”. He said:

“That was a big surprise to us, especially to me. It was a really scary thing to me because we’d spent time and effort to establish a no-name farming simulation game to become one of the best-known farming simulation games for the entire family. We had tons of loyal Harvest Moon fans, but we couldn’t simply say to those loyal fans that there’s no Harvest Moon in the future. Fortunately, we learned and accumulated lots of know-how as to what Harvest Moon fans like and what makes them happy by localizing and publishing Harvest Moon games for the past 16 years, so we took that goodbye as a good opportunity for us, based upon our own experience, to take this franchise to the next step so we could continue to make all Harvest Moon fans very happy.”

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