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Natsume announced a January release window for Yumi’s Odd Odyssey last month. While that target won’t be met, we should be seeing Agatsuma’s platformer in the US very soon.

Natsume tells us that Yumi’s Odd Odyssey is unlikely to hit the eShop this Thursday. For now, the publisher guesses the game will be out “in about 2-3 weeks.” That’d put Yumi’s Odd Odyssey at around a mid-February launch.

Natsume is bringing Yumi’s Odd Odyssey to the 3DS eShop later this month. But what does the publisher have in store for Nintendo’s handheld in the future?

While Natsume isn’t confirming anything explicitly, the company has given a vague tease that more 3DS news could be shared prior to E3 2014.

Natsume wrote on Twitter a few days ago:



Yumi’s Odd Odyssey will launch on the North American 3DS eShop in January, US publisher Natsume announced today. The company also shared several new details about the platformer, which you can find above. Be sure to check out the new screenshots as well.

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns is currently on sale on the North American eShop. Through December, 3DS owners can purchase a digital copy for $20.

Natsume relayed the sale on Twitter:


Umihara Kawase has finally been officially confirmed for release in North America. Natsume will publish the 3DS game early next year on the eShop as “Yumi’s Odd Odyssey”.

According to Natsume president and CEO Hiro Maekawa:

“We have been interested in releasing this unique title for awhile now. We are working very closely with Agatsuma Entertainment to bring this game to our fans, who we know appreciate games that are a little different, and also have lovable characters.”

You can find the first English screenshots from Yumi’s Odd Odyssey above.


Today, Hometown Story has officially landed in North America. The game is available for purchase starting today for $39.99.

Europe will be receiving Hometown Story sometime in Q1 2014, courtesy of Rising Star Games.

You can find new screenshots from Hometown Story above. The release announcement is posted below.

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Hometown Story isn’t just planned for release on 3DS. Natsume and ToyBox are preparing a special version for iOS, too.

At the end of the day, Hometown Story is best represented on 3DS. 3DS users are getting the full experience, unlike on iOS. In the latter version, players can only run a shop.

Creator Yasuhiro Wada explained the differences between the two versions while speaking with Siliconera:

“The iOS version does not have episodes with other villagers, players just run a shop. You get new items, you can save money, you can sell rare items on iOS too. Eventually, you will get new customers, but that’s pretty much all you can do. The core system of running the shop is the same on 3DS, but you will get to interact with the villagers and involved with their story.”


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