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Splatoon 2

The second spotlight video is now online for the 2017 Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational. Today we’re introduced to Rising Moon, the team representing Europe. Take a look at the video below.

The japanese Splatoon Twitter account has been giving updates about some of the old and new weapons that we’ll be able to play with in Splatoon 2. Today, they’ve shown two returning weapons: the Splattershot Pro and its sub-weapon, the Point Sensor, which now will keep the tag effect a few seconds after the explosion so any player passing by in that period of time will get tagged.

But the all new special weapon that will be paired with this Splattershot Pro is the Ame Furashi (we still don’t know the English name). As its name in japanese suggests, it will create a rain cloud that will move around, so the opponents will be forced to retreat if they don’t want to get wet with ink.

Check out the screenshots below:

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North America is joining the rest of the world with the Splatoon 2 Edition Switch Pro Controller. On its Twitter account, Nintendo just confirmed a July 21 release.

The message is as follows:

A little while ago, Nintendo released a new summer trailer for Switch promoting three games coming to the system this system. Among them was Splatoon 2.

In the video, we’re able to see the Splatoon 2 Switch Pro Controller. The hardware hasn’t been announced for North America yet, but that might be changing soon based on today’s video.

Nintendo has readied a new Switch trailer focusing on games launching this summer. ARMS, Splatoon 2, and the newly-announced Pokken Tournament DX are featured. Watch the video below.

HORI intends to ship several Splatoon 2-themed Switch accessories for the game’s big launch next month. Listings on Amazon show pouches, a “Splat Pack”, and a “Deluxe Splat Pack with Squid Trigger Grip”.

The pouches are pretty much what you’d expect. As for the Splat Pack, HORI is also putting in a pouch plus a game case with clip and two Splatoon 2 Analog Caps. We don’t have an image yet for the Deluxe Splat Pack yet, but it features the same items as the standard version as well as a “Squid Trigger Grip” that “adds mechanical triggers for more accurate splats”.

We’ve included photos of HORI’s Splatoon 2 Switch accessories below. You can order each of them here.

Nintendo is kicking off a new series of spotlight videos for the 2017 Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational. Today we’re introduced to team Dynameu, who won the Splatoon Koshien 2017 tournament in Japan. Watch the full video below.

The official Splatoon Twitter account has introduced a new sub-weapon in Splatoon 2 – poison mist. This is a thrown weapon that produces a cloud of poison mist in the area it lands. Enemies who are in that cloud move slowly, just as if they were talking through ink of the opposing team. This effect gets stronger the longer you stay in the cloud.

This is definitely an interesting new sub-weapon that opens up tons of new tactical possibilities. It may not do damage, but forcing your enemies to move slowly could be quite devastating for them.

We already know one main weapon that comes in a set with the poison mist – the Blaster. The Twitter account confirmed that this weapon from the first game will return in Splatoon 2. Its special will be the Splashdown.


The official Splatoon Tumblr page updated today with an overview of different Ranked Battle modes in Splatoon 2. Read up on Splat Zones, Tower Control, and Rainmaker below.

Just in, new details of the Ranked Battle modes in Splatoon 2. Splat Zones is a mode in which teams compete for control of areas known as, you guessed it…Splat Zones. If the other team gains control of a zone, cover it in your team’s ink to steal it back! While the rules haven’t changed from the original Splatoon game, the zone coverage status in the middle of the UI now provides more real-time updates.

In Tower Control mode, teams battle to move a tower deep into enemy territory. As the tower moves along its set path, it passes through a number of checkpoints and–this is key–stops at each checkpoint for a bit before moving on. We’ve deduced that once a team clears a checkpoint, they’ll be able to pass through it again without stopping. Teamwork is key to victory—make no mistake about it!

In Rainmaker, opposing teams battle for control of the Rainmaker, a powerful weapon lying in the center of the stage. Whichever team succeeds in carrying the Rainmaker to the pedestal located in the opposing team’s base will taste the sweet nectar of victory. If you charge the Rainmaker up all the way, the shots it fires will explode when they reach their target! In Rainmaker, the best defense is a good offense, so don’t hold back!


Nintendo has published a new video for Splatoon 2. In it, Jordan Kent chats with members from Nintendo Treehouse about the 2017 Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational, covering basic strategies, the importance of territory control, and changes being made to Ranked Battle modes for the game. Check it out below.

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