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The Great Ace Attorney 2

The only video we have for The Great Ace Attorney 2 is the announcement trailer from September. Next month, Capcom will be showing something much more substantial.

Producer Motohide Eshiro and director Takeshi Yamazaki along with Japanese voice actors Takayuki Kondo (Phoenix Wright) and KENN (Apollo Justice) will be appearing during a 15th anniversary live stream on Niconico. The event will feature a trip down memory lane exploring the series’ history, a general talk show about the franchise, fan questions, popularity poll results, and the first in-game footage of The Great Ace Attorney 2.

The live stream will take place on April 17 at the following times:

– 5 AM PT
– 8 AM ET
– 1 PM in the UK
– 2 PM in Europe

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The Great Ace Attorney 2 details

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Capcom sent out a wave of details about The Great Ace Attorney 2 today. There are some details about the plot and general setup, though most of the content recaps returning characters and systems. Find the full breakdown below, courtesy of Gematsu’s translation.

Capcom has released some new screenshots and pieces of artwork from the upcoming 3DS game The Great Ace Attorney 2, showing off some new and returning characters and some of the locations you’ll be visiting in the game.

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The latest trailer for The Great Ace Attorney 2 was heavy on dialogue and general scenes as opposed to gameplay. Thankfully, someone has gone to the trouble of translating the video with English subtitles. You can see that below.

The Great Ace Attorney 2 is featured in this week’s issue of Famitsu. In the magazine, some new details are shared.

Here’s the lowdown:

– Follows Ryunosuke Naruhodo in late 19th century Japan and London
– Pursues the truth behind a mysterious case
– Sherlock Holmes and other fascinating characters will also appear
– Will feature cases and mysteries not discussed in the first game, as well as new episodes
– The “World Fair” and “Cursed Lodging” are the keys to the story, as well as a grave visiting scene with Ryunosuke’s partner Susato Mikotoba
– 35% complete


After initially showing it at the Ace Attorney 15th anniversary event in Japan yesterday, Capcom has uploaded a new trailer for The Great Ace Attorney 2. We’ve attached it below.

The Great Ace Attorney 2 will be on 3DS

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When Capcom announced The Great Ace Attorney 2 a few months ago, the company didn’t actually confirm any platform for the game. That changed during a 15th anniversary event held in Japan a few hours ago. A new trailer debuted, and it’s now confirmed that The Great Ace Attorney 2 will be exclusively on 3DS.

The video isn’t online just yet. However, we should be seeing it online very soon.


At the Tokyo Game Show last week, Capcom made a special announcement about the Ace Attorney series, as The Great Ace Attorney is getting a sequel. You can now watch the first trailer for The Great Ace Attorney 2 below with English subtitles.

The Great Ace Attorney 2 is in development, Capcom revealed today. News about the project was just shared during a stage show at TGS for Ace Attorney’s 15th anniversary.

Here’s the first trailer:

The Great Ace Attorney launched in Japan last year. However, it has yet to make its way to North America and Europe.

Capcom has not yet said when The Great Ace Attorney 2 will be available, but 2017 is a likely target. It’s also unclear which platform(s) the game will be on.