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The Great Ace Attorney 2

The latest episode of Capcom TV aired last night, and once again featured footage of Monster Hunter XX on Switch and The Great Ace Attorney 2. We’ve included the full recording below.

This week’s issue of Famitsu has a new article on The Great Ace Attorney 2. Brand new information is included in the information, as rounded up below:

– Coroners Courtney Sithe and Maria Goulloyne introduced
– Sithe is the head coroner of Scotland Yard
– This is a position that was only recently created
– Sithe works at the forefront of forensic science with her daughter Maria
– Ryuunosuke meets them when the case he’s investigating calls for more detailed investigation, including fingerprint work
– Sithe can seem blunt, but also makes it clear that she sees her job as her own way of fighting criminals
– New waxworks “kidnapping” case
– In a somewhat off-the-beaten-path corner of the World’s Fair, a waxworks museum has been erected
– It features the works of the Rozaic family
– One of the major figures from the museum’s House of Horrors, which collects London’s major criminals, has gone missing
– Holmes is intrigued by Rozaic referring to it as a “kidnapping”
– It’s not long after he gets there that another bout of Joint Reasoning crops up
– Later, at the trial, Rozaic testifies that the criminal was using the theft to demand a virtual fortune for the figure’s safe return
– She also notes that the wax figures of the museum are created by taking a cast of the person’s face directly
– Pre-order bonus Asinine Attorney mini-cases
– In the first, Asougi takes on a special trial as part of his preparations for studying abroad, going up against a still-angry Payne
– In the second, Holmes takes to the defense bench when Iris is arrested, with Ryuunosuke as his ‘assistant’

Here are some new screenshots and art as well:

Finally, those with access to the Japanese 3DS eShop can download a demo for The Great Ace Attorney 2. It’s similar to the web demo, but with a bit of extra content. The main game can also be pre-loaded (6,446 blocks of space required).

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Capcom has wrapped up development on The Great Ace Attorney 2. To celebrate, a new trailer was just published online. You can see the video for yourself below.

The Great Ace Attorney 2 launches in Japan on August 3.

This week’s episode of Capcom TV aired earlier today and featured The Great Ace Attorney 2 as well as Monster Hunter XX on Switch. Footage of both games can be found below.

– Case 3 involves an explosion at the World’s Fair that kills a gentleman taking part in an experiment
– The scientist in charge, Benjamin Dovinbow is arrested
– Dovinbow has come to the fair to wow the crowd with a world-first piece of tech: a special cage that will teleport the cage – and whoever’s inside – to the Crystal Tower
– When he throws the switch, there’s a massive explosion
– The man taking part in the experiment is killed
– The body (and from the shot of the victim, the cage) actually did show up at the Crystal Tower
– Chief Justice Vortex assigns Ryuu to the case, and he and Iris head out to investigate
– At the scene, Ryuu and Iris run into Gina, who’s tagging along with Gregson as a detective-in-training
– Or as she’s very insistent on putting it: she’s now _Inspector_ Lestrade
– Her dog is Inspector Toby
– At the trial, van Zieks calls a variety of witnesses, including a Bohemian boy Gotts who was visiting the World’s Fair and witnessed the experiment from a flying balloon
– New jury and two other unnamed witnesses
– Return of the “Questioning” system when there are multiple witnesses on the stand
– DLC costumes
– Susato and Ryuu have costumes designed for them by Iris, while Holmes has a self-designed “Eastern outfit”


Members of the Japanese media were recently able to try out The Great Ace Attorney 2. Sites like Famitsu offer new details about the game’s second case, plus other tidbits from Capcom’s Motohide Eshiro. We’ve rounded everything up below, courtesy of Court-Records.

The Great Ace Attorney 2 is featured in this week’s issue of Famitsu with some new coverage. Specifically, the magazine covers the game’s second case. Read the latest information from Famitsu below, courtesy of Court Records.

– The victim of this case was a fellow lodger staying in the Garridebs’ apartment like Souseki
– The two were known to get into arguments over the finer points of Shakespeare
– Souseki made the tea that seems to have poisoned the victim
– When Souseki found his body, he was arrested
– Souseki insists the place is cursed, which is part of what gets Holmes to take the case
– Dusting for fingerprints is in the game by way of some of Holmes’ inventions
– Decago is one of the witnesses in the trial
– Ryuunosuke spots him during the investigation trying to peer into the flat (which is impressive given the windows are bricked up)
– At the AA 15th anniversary concert, a video showing motion capture for a tap-dancing character was shown
– The article mentions that this case takes place “before Souseki returns to Japan”

As a small aside, we’ve attached some new art for The Great Ace Attorney 2 below.


Capcom readied a web commercial to promote The Great Ace Attorney 2 in Japan. It may not contain much in the way of new footage, but the ad itself is new. View it below.

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