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The Legend of Zelda

At GDC last month, Nintendo unveiled a special 2D prototype created for Zelda: Breath of the Wild inspired by the series’ very first entry. One fan has now recreated it, allowing players to cut down trees, harvest food, shoot arrows, use physics, and more.

Breath of the NES can be found itchio here. You can also view a trailer below.

One reason why we tend to shy away from posting about fan-made games is due to Nintendo often handing out cease and desists notices. Creator Winter Drake says he’ll work on the project for as long as possible. If Nintendo gets in touch, he will “continue development with my own original characters.”


USAopoly is back with another piece of Zelda merchandise. The company is now distributing Chess: The Legend Of Zelda Collector’s Edition Board Game. It’s available through Amazon here.

This chess set comes with 32 custom pieces, in addition to a premium styled window packaging with magnetic front closure. Normally, the full package costs $74.99. Amazon currently has it for $13 off.

Below are a few photos:

A lot is being made today over a discovery on the official Zelda website. Tucked away in the “Online Guide” are various character profiles, including one for Ganondorf. On Ganondorf’s page, the official introduction is as follows: “Once known as the King of Thieves, Ganondorf Dragmire used the power of the Triforce to become the beast, Ganon.”

This actually isn’t new. The surname Dragmire was originally included in the North American manual for Zelda: A Link to the Past, along with his alias Mandrag Ganon.

Technically the site only reconfirms what we originally knew. On the other hand, some fans are questioning whether what’s stated is even reliable given how it doesn’t come directly from the developers. Really though this is what we have to go on for Ganondorf’s full name – which was the case nearly three decades ago as well.


Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses has been ongoing for several years, but the concern never really had a true CD. Fans won’t have to hold out much longer though.

In an interview with Attack of the Fanboy, show producer Jason Michael Paul confirmed that news is coming “soon.” Pre-orders will be taking place on the official website.

When official details about the CD are announced, we’ll let you know.


When The Legend of Zelda originally came out here in the west nearly 30 years ago, Nintendo accidentally included an extra “N” in one of the game’s text lines. It took some time for folks to notice, but the NES Classic Edition version of Zelda finally corrects this.

Zelda was re-released in a collection on GameCube and many times over on the Virtual Console. For the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo finally decided it was time to address it. It may not be the biggest thing out there, but it’s interesting to see the error corrected after so many years.

Source, Via

Best Buy is listing three new unknown amiibo on its website. Each one is simply labeled as “Nintendo – Amiibo Figure”. Details are sparse at the moment, but their listings may provide additional insight.

All of these amiibo are apparently from the Zelda line or at least related in some fashion based on what’s stated under “Compatible Game Series”. They line up well with rumors about new Zelda figures – specifically 30th anniversary Link amiibo based on Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword.

If these amiibo are already showing up on Best Buy, perhaps Nintendo will be making an announcement soon. You can check out the original listings here, here, and here.


Hyrule Historia, a lengthy book covering historical information on The Legend of Zelda, came out a few years ago. It seems that a more condensed version exists targeting younger fans. Nintendo Force spotted the book – with a new cover and all – at a kindergarten book fair.

Aside from being smaller, it’s unclear how this version of Hyrule Historia differs. It’s also unavailable online.


In an impressive display of both technical knowledge and creativity, YouTuber Allen Pan has modified an Amazon Echo to recognize and respond to songs from The Legend of Zelda played on an ocarina as opposed to just voice commands.

While this would be impressive on it’s own, Allen Pan has gone ahead and connected some frequently used devices in his house to the Amazon Echo and attached an appropriate song for each device. For example, playing the Bolero of Fire from Ocarina of time will turn on his heater; the Song of Storms will activate his humidifier and the Song of Healing from Majora’s Mask will reset all connected devices to their previous state, effectively working as an off switch for his entire house.

This impressive display of technical know-how is certainly one of the more unique and creative approaches to Zelda fandom. Check out the entire video below.

Hyrule Encyclopedia, the latest book celebrating Zelda’s 30th anniversary came out in Japan earlier this month. The series’ official Twitter account shared some photos of it yesterday. A few sample pages are posted below.


The Zelda 30th anniversary concert album recently came out in Japan. We unbox the full contents below (specifically from the Limited Edition).

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