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The Legend of Zelda

Update: These have now sold out (thanks Jason).

Original: Over on the official Nintendo UK store, pre-orders are open for the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo. The two Link versions, Zelda, Guardian, and Bokoblin are in stock. Find them all here.

After a long wait, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild finally launches in March. With the game so close, some fans can’t help but wonder what could come next for the series.

One possibility series producer Eiji Aonuma isn’t ruling out is another title for Switch. “I haven’t been able to fully use all of the new features of the system,” Aonuma told IGN. “There could be the possibility of another Zelda on Nintendo Switch.”

Update (1/10): Sold out on Amazon Canada, but now up on Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, and Amazon France.

Original (1/9): Many of you are likely aware that The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts is slated for release next month. The book features art across the entire series, including Breath of the Wild. Fans can look forward to rare promotional pieces, game box art, instruction booklet illustrations, official character illustrations, sprite art, interviews with the artists, and more.

We now have word that Dark Horse Comics is preparing The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts Limited Edition. The item, limited to just 10,000 copies, features an exclusive Master Sword cover and Acetate Slipcase.

As the official Amazon listing states:

“This exclusive edition of only 10,000 copies features an original cover with a raised 3D embossed Master Sword. The book fits into an acetate slip case that features a golden sheath for the Master Sword and emulates the sword being removed from the sheath when the book is removed from the top of the slipcase.

The sword itself is a 3D embossed sculpt with a metallic foil finish and is printed at the size of an actual sword hilt to give the reader the satisfaction of unsheathing the realistic-looking sword from the acetate sleeve sheathe that encases the book. The cover’s background features the Lost Woods in a deep, custom-mixed purple ink with a soft touch lamination and spot-gloss UV which is framed with metallic foil. The pages are gold gilded to round out the premium enhancements.”

The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts Limited Edition (and standard version) arrives on February 21. You can pre-order it on Amazon here or Amazon Canada here.

IGN has posted a video of their first look at the Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts Limited Edition book that was revealed today. You can view the video below.

Defenders of the Triforce, the upcoming puzzle experience Nintendo is collaborating with SCRAP on, will kick off in just a few weeks from now. The highlight will be solving a mystery in a huge area within a set time limit, but those who are participating will be able to purchase some exclusive merchandise as well.

We now have a first look at the various items that will be on sale. Here’s the lineup:

– Defenders of the Triforce Pins: $18.00
– Defenders of the Triforce Poster: $15.00
– Defenders of the Triforce zip up hoodie: $45.00
– Defenders of the Triforce T-shirt: $24.00

And some photos:


Update: Okami Amaterasu life size bust is also in the works:

First 4 Figures has been on a roll with its teases for new Nintendo figures. Meta Ridley was confirmed last week, followed by Bowser just recently.

If that wasn’t enough, two more products are on the way, and both are Zelda-based. A life-size Majora’s Mask and Midna (in her true form) are on the way at some point. When we have more details, we’ll be sure to bring them to you.

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Update: More documents from Nintendo. First, the skull room and secret passage area designed by Takashi Tezuka:

And drawings of maps from Shigeru Miyamoto:

Original: In the spirit of Zelda’s 30th anniversary, Nintendo has posted a brief video that shows the original game map for the first game. We have it below.


The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts was created to celebrate Zelda’s 30th anniversary. But there are actually two other books planned to celebrate the big event.

Hyrule Encyclopedia has been revealed as the second entry in the Zelda 30th anniversary book series. The first chapter is a visual encyclopedia, and will explain keywords like the Master Sword and Hyrule Kingdom with various images. As for the second chapter, it’s a database with a list of enemies, items, dungeons, and more. The third chapter will contain archives, and will give explanatory notes and storylines of each game.

Japan is receiving The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Encyclopedia in February. The western version should follow later in 2017.


Social news site Reddit is holding a Secret Santa event this year. Users were assigned a random person to give gifts to, and for one person in particular, she made out very well.

The Secret Santa for Aerrix, out of all people, was Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Now… why are we covering this here? The news itself is pretty incredible, but Gates actually packed in some Nintendo goodies. Aerrix received a plethora of items, but the ones we care about were nearly all Zelda-related: mittens (including matching ones for her dog), a tie blanket, and picture frame. If that wasn’t enough, Gates also sent the NES Classic Edition. Oh, and a paper version of the final form Master Sword from Skyward Sword.

Here are some of the photos and excerpts from Aerrix’s story:

Update (12/15): Pre-orders are live on Play-Asia. The first-print limited edition is here while the standard version is here.

Original (12/14): Towards the beginning of 2017, an album for The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Concert will launch in Japan. It will be available on February 15.

Nintendo held a Zelda concert in Japan on October 16. Music from the orchestrated performance is what publisher Nippon Columbia will be including on the CDs.

Fans will be able to choose between two versions: a first-print edition and standard release. The first-print edition will include a video DVD of the concert along with a CD stand and badges. Both versions contain two CDs and the same music.


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