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The Stirring Shadows event has come to a close in Dragalia Lost, but more content has already arrived. The Kindness and Captivity raid event is now live, with featuring new Nightmare and Omega difficulty levels and a friendship event with Melsa, allowing players to permanently add her to their roster.

The summon showcase, Madcap Misfits, is also now available. This showcase boasts appearance rates that are boosted for the 5★ adventurer Chelsea, 4★ adventurer Yuya, and 5★ dragon Kagutsuchi, who you can view below in their promotional trailer:

New content is once again arriving in Dragalia Lost. You can take a look at the announcements, followed by a promotional trailer for the newest summon showcase.

The Kindness and Captivity raid event revival will begin at 10 PM PT on 11/12.

A summon for Madcap Misfits, starts at 10 PM PT on 11/12. There will be boosted rates for the 5★ adventurer Chelsea and 5★ dragon Kagutsuchi summons.


Playism has announced the delay of the release of Grayfax Software-developed RPG Orangeblood from what was slated to be a November release window to early 2020. The reason given was “in order to polish the game to the highest quality,” the publisher announced.

The game, set in an alternate timeline at the end of the 20th century, shows off a subtropical island where players can explore the faded, rusty world filled with hanging out in bars and gun fights with cute girls. The guns themselves are randomly generated and pack quite the punch.

This interesting title is in the works for PC (Steam,) Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

A new Grand Hero, Cormag: Aloof Lanceman, from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, has arrived in Special Maps. Cormag is a wyvern knight of Grado and younger brother of the Sunstone, Glen. Although he left his army behind, he fights with love and pride for his homeland. Players can defeat the hero to have him join their ranks.

Additionally, Lost Lore is coming 11/12 at 11 PM PT. Players can send Heroes to scout other worlds and recover lore for the Heroes’ Saga, a collection of tales from the game’s series. Players can earn rewards like Orbs and Dragonflowers by scouting the World of Awakening.

A new video for Bee Simulator has been released today. The new footage highlights the customization features available for your bees. Bee Available on November 12th you can check out the video in the linked tweet below, with the eShop information about the game after the break.

Due out on December 5th in Japan, Pretty Princess Magical Coordinate, from developer Nippon Columbia, will be arriving on Switch. The game is set in the castle of a fantasy world ruined due to the long absence of a princess. The main character, who for some reason wanders into the castle, will attempt to revive the obsolete palace in order to return to the world she once belonged. Players will be able to dress their character, decorate various rooms, and take Princess Lessons in form of mini-games.

You can take a look at the trailer and the debut commercial after the break.

The Wild Area Search site is now available in Japanese. The site is used to explore the Wild Area and see some examples of the Pokemon that can be found there. There’s a feature where you can also zoom in and watch short clips of Pokemon found in various areas. You can view the site for yourself here.

The Tetris 99 Pokémon Sword & Shield promotional event is now live until 06:59 UTC on November 11th. A special Tetris 99 Maximus Cup based on Pokémon Sword & Shield is now playable. Players can earn the theme based on the Wild Area with Pokémon music if they achieve 100 Points during the special event by ranking in various matches. Once obtained, players will be able to use it forever.



The SD Gundam SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays demo is now live on the Japanese eShop. The demo does support English menus and subtitles, and data will be able to be carried over to the full version. You can take a look at some English language screenshots below.

Monster rancher has been confirmed for a Switch release date of 12/19/19 in Japan. The game is mostly the same as it was previously. However, instead of obtaining monsters through actual CDs, they’re generated by searching for CD names and artists from a custom database via the network.

You can take a look at the original Tweet after the break.

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