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New content will be coming to Dragalia Lost, alongside a new software update. Check out the details here:

  • Part two of Chapter 22: Twice Sworn will be added to the main campaign on Nov. 21, 10 PM PT. We hope you’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the prince and his friends!
  • Version 2.14.0 of Dragalia Lost will be available for download around Nov. 24, 7 PM PT. You may update right away; otherwise, an automatic update will occur around Nov. 25, 7 PM PT.
  • We will be performing server maintenance starting on Nov. 24 from approximately 6 PM PT to 12 AM PT. During this time, you will not be able to play Dragalia Lost.

With new units and a couple events to participate in, here are the latest details for Fire Emblem Heroes:
  • New Heroes from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance are here with Laegjarn, princess of Múspell, from FEHeroes! You can get an Ascendant Floret, an item used to strengthen another Hero, the first time you summon Laegjarn: Flame Ascendant!
  • Forging Bonds: Embracing Fate is here! For up to seven days during the event, you can earn 2 Orbs the first time you clear a map (once per day). Also, you can receive rewards such as accessories, First Summon Tickets, and Divine Codes (Ephemera 11)!
  • A Forma Soul item that allows you to add Forma units from the Hall of Forms event to your army is included with 60 Orbs in the Forma Soul Pack, which is now available in the Shop for a limited time! See the in-game notification for more info.
  • In New Heroes summoning events, after 40 summons, you can choose one 5-Star focus Hero to summon for free, and get a Celestial Stone. There are also new story maps in Book V, Chapter 13: Specter of Niðavellir, limited-time quests, and a Log-In Bonus offering 13 Orbs.

An update has been released by developer Spike Chunsoft for Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate. Check out the patch notes here:

Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate for the Nintendo Switch received an update for Patch Ver1.0.4 on 11/16 at 9:00pm PST.

Please update the game to continue playing.

[Patch Ver1.0.4 Notes]
1. Issue wherein stepping on particular spots in certain dungeons would cause an error has been fixed.
2. Issue wherein an error would occur under certain conditions in “”Rousing Paradise”” has been fixed.
3. Miscellaneous bug fixes


This week’s Famitsu review scores are as follows:

Here are today’s updates for content in Fire Emblem Heroes:

  • Heroes with Rally skills are featured as part of a 5-Star summoning focus! Heroes with Rally skills grant bonuses to certain stats to a target ally for one turn. Your first summon in this event won’t cost any Orbs!
  • Sharena added more Hero intros to Meet Some of the Heroes! Laegjarn: Flame Ascendant, Volke: Man of Mysteries, Marcia: Petulant Knight, Astrid: Resolute Damsel, Tanith: Bright Blade, and Bertram: Dread Cavalier have been added.
  • In this week’s Coliseum, take on Resonant and Allegiance Battles to earn rewards including Divine Codes (Part 2), Hero Feathers, and Trait Fruit!

A new rotation of content has arrived in Dragalia Lost, including a facility event revival and the ongoing Platinum Showcase. Check out the full details below for all of today’s happenings in Dragalia Lost:

  • A facility event revival, The Phantom’s Ransom, started on Nov. 15, 10 PM PT. The event-exclusive opera house facility boosts the stats of bow- and manacaster-wielding adventurers. Build it in your Castle Grounds!
  • A Time Attack Challenges event arrives in Dragalia Lost on Nov. 18, 10 PM PT. Only water-attuned adventurers may participate. Beginner, Standard, Expert, and Master difficulties can only be challenged solo, while you can take on Ranked solo or in co-op!
  • A Platinum Showcase started Nov. 15, 10 PM PT! A water-attuned 5-Star adventurer is guaranteed to appear as the tenth summon in your tenfold summon.
  • A Water Focus summon showcase started Nov. 15, 10 PM PT. Only water-attuned adventurers and dragons appear in this summon showcase! See the following notification for details.
  • Harle’s Trial becomes available in Trials of the Mighty in Dragalia Lost on Nov. 16, 10 PM PT. Use a team of flame-attuned axe, bow, or staff adventurers to earn materials for unlocking Gala Leif’s mana spiral from the daily bonus.

A lot of new stuff has arrived in Dragalia Lost, including two Summon Showcases, new Mercurial Gauntlet quests and more. See the full details after the break:

Voice of Cards review

System: Switch
Release date: October 28, 2021
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix

Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars is quite a unique approach to an RPG. Styled after tabletop roleplaying games, this adventure has a wonderful crew behind it, like the talented Yoko Taro as creative director, music from Keiichi Okabe, and character designs from Kimihiko Fujisaka. Everything in the game is represented by wonderfully crafted cards, like the key art for characters that shows their main stats in battle, or the item cards players can find in chests for weapons, armor, and more. With the voice talent of Todd Haberkorn as the Game Master and narrator, this adventure takes on the feel of an interesting night of playing pen and paper games. Does this approach make a compelling experience for video gaming though?

Check out the what’s going on right now in Fire Emblem Heroes:

  • Heroes who have gained new skills are featured as part of a 5-Star summoning focus! A new weapon skill, Kaze’s Needle, and new weapons to refine, Fruit of Iðunn, Býleistr, and Sagittae, are here! Your first summon in this event won’t cost any Orbs!
  • Resplendent Hero Serra: Outspoken Cleric is now available to Feh Pass subscribers. In addition, Feh Pass Quests have been updated. These quests are available until Nov. 24, 10:59 PM PT. For further info, please see the Feh Pass website.
  • The next Resplendent Hero, Ryoma: Peerless Samurai, is scheduled to become available to Feh Pass subscribers beginning Nov. 24, 11 PM PT. Check the link to see more of this upcoming Resplendent Hero!

Check out the latest events in Dragalia Lost:

  • Onslaught event A Dazzling Defense started Nov. 10 at 10 PM PT!
  • In the onslaught event A Dazzling Defense, there’s a dragon battle that pits you against Astral Tartarus. Get exquisite honey, flame tomes, and light tomes as glory rewards. Plus, there are more rewards to be earned from endeavors and the Treasure Trade!
  • A new story in the A Dazzling Defense event starts Nov. 10, 10 PM PT! After receiving a letter from a concerned citizen of Littleton, the prince and friends arrive to find Jupiter defending the daughter of the former mayor in a court of law.
  • Kamuy’s Trial, Chthonius’s Trial, and Mars’s Trial became available in Trials of the Mighty in Dragalia Lost on Nov. 9, 10 PM PT. Use teams of specific adventurers to earn materials for unlocking mana spirals from the daily bonus.

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