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Posted on 11 years ago by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii | 1 Comment

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword [7]
Opoona [7]
Bangai-O Spirits [9]
Assassins Creed: Altair’s Chronicles [3]


More Sonic Chronicles footage

Posted on 11 years ago by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News | 1 Comment

Update: Changed the videos to YouTube since Dailymotion was giving out a bit of personal information.

Nintendo has thrown down the gauntlet for Mario Kart® Wii racers worldwide. Now it’s time to see who’s up to the challenge, as players take on the world in Mario Kart Wii Tournaments.

Every few weeks, a new tournament will appear on the Mario Kart Channel, an online feature that not only allows players to compete in tournaments, but also exchange race data with friends. Tournaments might take the form of a challenge for players to race a certain course as fast as they can with specific characters, or to collect a number of coins on a course using the Wii Wheel™ accessory or another control setup. They can feature unique rules or obstacles on the course.

The first tournament, which appears today, directs racers to compete for the fastest time on the Mario Circuit. Look closely though – something may be different. Players can attempt the challenge as often as they like during the duration of the tournament. Their best time will be recorded and added to the worldwide rankings, allowing players to see how they stack up against the best racers from around the world.

NOTE: If you would like to participate in Mario Kart Wii tournaments, your Wii™ console needs to be connected to the Internet. For more information about how to get online, visit For more information about Mario Kart Wii, please visit

Source: Nintendo Press Room

Wii hard drive incoming?

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“Statistically speaking, it is true that there are a small number of customers who feel that the flash memory is too small, while many others find that they have plenty of memory,” he said. However, because this small number of people are none other than the most avid players, we know we have to review the best possible solution to eliminate their inconvenience.” – Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo

Honestly, with the consistent supply of Virtual Console titles and the upcoming release of WiiWare, a harddrive would be a simple solution to solve the problem that a number of people have been displeased with.


01./01. [WII] Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) – 152,000 / 947,000
02./02. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Capcom) – 93,000 / 1,807,000
03./00. [PS3] Valkyria Chronicles (Sega) – 77,000 / NEW
04./00. [NDS] Taiko Drum Master DS: Seven Island Adventure (Bandai-Namco) – 56,000 / NEW
05./00. [NDS] Summon Night (Banpresto) – 38,000 / NEW
06./04. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) – 37,000 / 1,934,000
07./03. [NDS] We’re Fossil Diggers (Nintendo) – 22,000 / 58,000
08./06. [NDS] Pokémon Ranger: Batonnage (Pokémon) – 20,000 / 477,000
09./07. [NDS] DS Beautiful Letter Training (Nintendo) – 18,000 / 167,000

10./05. [PS2] Musou Orochi: The Evil King Returns (Koei) – 15,000 / 322,000


Target Toss Pro: Bags was announced today via an IGN interview. The basics of the game were discussed, though when pricing was brought up, Andy Kniaz of Incredible Technology noted, “In the end, Nintendo sets all pricing for WiiWare based on the game and its contents.” From what I can recall, weren’t developers able to ultimately place a price point on their own games? Are there exceptions to this? Or, is this nothing more than an error on Andy Kniaz? Either way, I’m sure we’ll find out in due time.

Charles Caleb once said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In this case, the Wii’s remarkable success has planted a seed in the minds of businesses and marketers who are hoping to catch on to the newest big hit. The Wii has certainly exceeded the expectations of many, and is currently the best selling video game system this generation. Because of this, businesses are cashing in on the Wii’s features and appearance. While not all rip-offs are noticeable, there are a few products that seem to be a clear copy of the Wii . Without further ado, here are the top 5 products that seem to have taken an apparent liking to Nintendo’s hot system.

Top 5 Wii related rip-offs


5. “Tilt” Games

Right off the bat, it’s clear that the Tilt Games Wiimote clone has some problems. The screen is much too small for any type of a real gaming experience and the screen doesn’t even have a backlight. Just imagine trying to play Zelda on a small piece of plastic. Yeah, not an engrossing experience. I want to know, how can anyone even see that thing? And haven’t we moved past the absent backlight age for items like these? Nonetheless, in spite of these obvious issues, the Tilt game manages to copy the Wii controller very well and even has the ability to turn on motion controls (then again, it’s not as if this thing is any good.) It’s worth mentioning that the Tilt gadgets come in a variety of flavors, of which include baseball and racing. The sad thing about this whole product however, is that I would not be surprised if a grandmother went into Walmart and bought this instead of a Wii controller, thinking that it was the real deal.

Retail price: $6.88, though honestly, I don’t think it’s worth even $.50.

4. 3D iJoy


Does slightly modifying an already established controller make something different? No, not really. The 3D IJoy was conspicuously attempting to mimic the Nintendo Wii, from the game controller to the games available on the product. Another slap in the face – and to round out iJoy’s parallelisms – is the iJoy’s wrist strap. Yes, a wrist strap. The copycat controller was bad enough, but by adding a wrist strap to the controller, it makes the rip-off much too explicit. Sure, I can understand that the company wouldn’t want people to damage their home appliances. However, is it truly necessary considering .01% of the population will actually be getting their game on this thing?

Retail price: unknown

3. Vii 2


Media attention and what I assume to be decent sales helped the Vii to come roaring back with a follow-up to its original as Vii 2. Vii 2 stepped up to the plate by introducing a variety of colors and completely reworked its model. The controller is still fairly reminiscent of the Wii remote, although the system itself looks more like a NES than a Wii. Apparently, the functionality of Vii 2 is almost identical to its predecessor, only allowing for add-ons, a “porwer button,” and additional expansion ports. Still, what you’re getting with the Vii 2 remains the same: A not-as-responsive and awkward control scheme when compared to Nintendo’s system.

Retail price: $140 – Pay another $90, and you’ll have yourself an actual Wii

2. La Foir’Fouille


Most products are generally assumed to originate in China, yet this unnamed Wii rip-off console was advertised to the French casual gamer. The company who developed this product seems to be trying to hop on the Wii Sports bandwagon by offering four out of the five games that can be found on Nintendo’s pick-up-and-play title, Wii Sports. This machine isn’t such a blatant Wii rip-off (as compared to other products on this list), but anyone who has seen a Wii before will pick up on the subtle differences between the two almost immediately.

Price: 39.99€

1. Vii


Vii. Does that look or sound familiar? It probably should, because this is the closest Wii replica you’ll find without it actually being the Wii. Arguably, the Vii initiated the entire Wii rip-off trend by taking nearly every aspect about the Wii, and only modified its characteristics slightly, right down to the name itself, Vii. More specifically, the build of the gaming machine looks identical to the Wii with a slight color change and the Vii comes with a very similar controller. For crying out loud, even the Vii’s marketing tactics are comparable. Surprisingly, the Vii does have a decent line-up of games to try out, but that’s not to say the games are any good. I’m certain that the gaming experience with the Vii does not come even remotely close to the enjoyment you’ll find on the real console.

Retail Price: 986 Chinese dollars (Estimated)