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GamesTM review scores

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS) – 8
Don King Boxing (Wii) – 6
Little King’s Story (Wii) – 8
Retro Game Challenge (DS) – 7
Fina Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (Wii/DS) – 6
Shining Force Feather (DS) – 8
Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (DS) – 6
Marbles! Balance Challenge (Wii) – 6

Thanks to Jake for the news tip.

Best Buy

Rock Band 2 (Wii) – $39.99
Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3: Senior Year (Wii) – $29.99
Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves (Wii) – $59.99


Hannah Montana The Movie (Wii) – 39.99
Hannah Montana The Movie (DS) – 19.99


Major Minor’s Majestic March (Wii) – $29.99
Wii Music (Wii) – $39.99
Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii) – $39.99
Guitar Hero: World Tour Guitar Bundle (Wii) – $49.99
Guitar Hero On Tour Decades (DS) – $19.99
Guitar Hero On Tour (DS) – $19.99

“Capcom USA are huge fans of the Ace Attorney series, and would love to be able to bring it over. Stay tuned…” – Seth Killian, Sr. Manager, Community

I think it’s a pretty surefire bet that Gyakuten Kenji will arrive in North America. There was a trademark found for the title as “Ace Attorney Investigations,” so I think it’s just a matter of when Capcom officially announces that they’re bringing the game to the states.

´Last Flight´ (WiiWare); development status: demo ready
´Troopies series´ (Xbox360, WiiWare, PSP); development status: early stage of production
´Engineering an Empire: Egypt´(DS, PSP, PC); development status: unknown
Undisclosed RPG project (Xbox360, WiiWare); development status: preproduction

´Cross Engine´(Wii, PC, with Xbox360 and PSP support by the end of the year)
´Black Horse engine´(DS)


“They gave us the tools we needed and let us run with it. There’s no creative input from Nintendo, only technical input where the game must meet certain standards to ensure it doesn’t brick people’s Wiis. It’s just a godsend for developers who don’t want their ideas compromised. Plus, if the game doesn’t sell well, we can generally shrug it off and begin work on the next one.” – Medaverse lead designer Jesse Lowther

This is really great news to hear. Naturally, you would want ideas to flourish on WiiWare, so by not interfering with the creative process, developers can bring some truly unique content to the service.