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Zelda Tears Kingdom start sky

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will have players beginning their journey in the sky, according to the official website.

It’s been made very clear at this point that the game is based on the same Hyrule from Breath of the Wild. However, many new additions and changes are included this time around – including floating islands to explore. The website indicates that the game starts here, and Link will then be able to return to the surface.

What the Golf Among Us update

Triband is still working on updates for What the Golf?, and has now revealed a crossover with Among Us.

35 levels inspired by the popular game will be made available to all players for free. The update is said to take players “through a space station full of Impostors, Crewmates, betrayal, vending machines, surprises, space rockets, UFOs, vents, cats and other vaguely related items that are great for golfing”.

Wobbledogs update

Wobbledogs has just received a new update, with version going live on Switch.

The big change this time around is the limit of 200 dog cores and dogs to deal with memory issues. Many other improvements and fixes are included.

For the full patch notes, continue on below.

Mario movie 500 million biggest game adaptation

We have the latest on the box office performance of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, with the film now surpassing $500 million globally. With that, it’s become the biggest video game adaptation ever.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie earned $260.3 million domestically. You can also throw in another $248.4 million internationally. The exact total is currently $508.7 million.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection trailer

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection has officially arrived, and we have a new launch trailer to celebrate. The package contains every mainline entry in the series.

For more information, check out the following overview:

Wife Quest physical

Premium Edition Games has announced that Wife Quest and Super Dungeon Maker will have physical releases on Switch. Both will have standard versions and Retro Editions.

ANNO Mutationem Mysterious Game Console update

Lightning Games and ThinkingStars aren’t done with ANNO: Mutationem, as a new Mysterious Game Console has just been revealed. It’s only available on PC thus far, but we know that Switch will be getting it at some point in the future.

The update is highlighted by the “Mysterious Game Console”, which is a super lite roguelite mini game. Players will explore a pixelated three-floors dungeon world, take on enemies, and bring back the trapped girl Noni. It also includes the “Archaic Hazmat Suit” costume with new weapons and story of Ayane’s childhood.

No Man's Sky update 4.22

No Man’s Sky is back with another update, with version 4.22 having been made available.

A bunch of different bug fixes are included this time around. Hello Games has addressed a networking-related crash, a memory leak with texture rendering, and much more.

The full patch notes for the No Man’s Sky version 4.22 update are as follows:

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Palafin distribution Europe International Championships

The 2023 Pokemon Europe International Championships are taking place right now, and to celebrate, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have started up a new distribution for Palafin. This is based on what was used by Jiseok Lee at the Oceania International Championships earlier this year.

Palafin will clock in at level 50 with the moves Jet Punch, Wave Crash, Haze, and Protect. It’ll come with the Mystic Water item.

Mario Kart Tour 2023 Spring Tour

Mario Kart Tour has a new event in the pipeline, with the 2023 Spring Tour starting up soon. This will kick off on April 18, 2023 at 11 PM PT / April 19 at 2 AM ET.

Athens Dash will be featured as a new course for the game. You can get a closer look in the trailer below.

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