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Nintendo recently asked fans to send in letters to Mario. In a video published on the Play Nintendo YouTube account, the first one is read. Below, you can hear Mario’s thoughts on his favorite thing about having a great adventure with friends.


We’ve seen all sorts of Nintendo patents over the years. Most are generally tied to gaming, as you would expect, but the latest one truly comes out of left field.

A Nintendo patent filed for a “Passive Walking Device and Passive Walking Module” was published today. As far as we can tell, there isn’t a ton going on in the filing aside from a device that is capable of walking on its own, sort of like the video below.

Super Mario Odyssey is all about jumping. Yet despite that, one person has managed to complete the experience without that action – at least according to what the game classifies as such.

Super Mario Odyssey has an interesting definition of jumping. Capturing the necessary enemies for completion and then using any of the “jumping” actions doesn’t actually increase the official counter. Likewise, Super Mario Odyssey only classifies some actions as jumps, such as standard jumps, double jumps, and triple jumps. Everything required for the “Y” button is legal, for example, and going up in the air by bouncing off of Cappy’s hat is fine.

Based on what Super Mario Odyssey says is and isn’t a jump, Gamechamp3000 set out on a mission to see if you could complete the game. The results: it’s possible to finish without jumping, technically. There were bumps along the way, but Gamechamp3000 managed to do it. You can see how it all played out in the video below.

Nintendo published a new video today featuring Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime and Doug Bowser, senior VP of sales and marketing. The two participated in “The Nintendo Guessing Game” to how well they know each other. View the full video below.

Super Mario Odyssey recently debuted on Switch, and TheDominoKing decided to celebrate in the only way he knows how. 148,777 dominoes were used to recreate images from the game, including Mario himself, Cappy, and more.

TheDominoKing used a screen link, meaning each clip was created separately and edited together to make it look like a single scene. Many would probably agree that what has been created here is nonetheless worth admiring and is undoubtedly a painstaking process. You can watch the full tribute below.

Best Buy is generally a place where people purchase electronic-related products. But hey, how about some socks? You can pick up two different pairs from Best Buy.

The first design features Mario and Cappy, available here. Also being sold is a blue and red design with a little Cappy thrown in. Both of these are $6 each.

Nintendo recently played the Guessing Game with a couple of developers working on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Producer Shigeru Ohmori and director Kazumasa Iwao were the participants. See the full video below.


WWE 2K18 is partnering with KFC in a somewhat strange way. In the game, players will be able to create a custom character based on Colonel Sanders. Sanders, of course, is the founder of the fast food chain restaurant and is essentially the official mascot.

Here’s a video promoting the partnership:

WWE 2K18 will be on Switch later this year


Remember the N64 kid? We may now have the 2017 version of that.

Recently, Erick Garcia gifted his son a N64 as a birthday present. Google Home was used to lead him to the background where a Switch was hidden away. The present was quickly taken inside and unwrapped. To say that Garcia’s kid was happy with the present would be an understatement.

Did you ever have dreams as playing as Waluigi in Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Well, your fantasy has been fulfilled. The modding scene has exploded as of late, and the results are about what you’d expect.

Here’s a look at a Waluigi skin: