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Gravity Rush concept artist Takeshi Oga recently attended an event where illustrators and concept artists discussed their work. As part of this, Oga revealed that he actually took some inspiration from late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s “directly to you” pose, which was often demonstrated during Nintendo Directs. This ended up having an influence on a design element in the PlayStation 4 game Gravity Rush 2.

Here’s what Oga shared:

Bandai intends to sell a massive plush toy based on Lapras from Pokemon. Despite the high price tag of 79,400 yen ($750), pre-orders have already sold out.

The plush toy is going by the name “A Lapras You’ll Definitely Want To Ride.” It comes in at over six and a half feet and a height of nearly four feet.

We have a few photos below:

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It’s not available in North America just yet, but a demo for Kirby Star Allies has started distribution in Europe. Players have come across something… interesting.

Bosses in the demo can actually be defeated with Kirby doing nothing. The CPUs will actually take care of the work for you. This might be the case in the final game as well, but even if it is, standing around isn’t much fun – so you’ll probably want to actually participate in the fights.

Nintendo put out a new off-beat video showing how the New 2DS XL Pikachu Edition came to be. Check it out below.


Piracy has unfortunately been a constant battle for Nintendo. Even during the Game Boy era, it an issue the company has continually dealt with.

Originally found by Gamegeschiedenis, classic photos show Nintendo literally taking the fight to piracy. The images, captured by various sources, show Nintendo using a roller in the Netherlands to destroy thousands of counterfeit games. Even Mario was present at the event.

The caption from one of the photos reads:

“Video game company Nintendo is using a roller to combat piracy. At Lelystad airport ten thousand counterfeit video games were crushed. The Japanese company has started a targeted and structured worldwide campaign to combat forgeries of their video games. The destroyed games came from Hong Kong and were confiscated from a Dutch importing company.”

A few additional photos taken from various publications well over two decades ago can be found below.


If anything has become a meme in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, it would be the battle dialogue from certain enemy soldiers you encounter. This has taken on a life of its own due to how often their lines are repeated, especially in short bursts.

These lines may ring a bell if you’ve played through Xenoblade Chronicles 2:

– “Think you can take me?”
– “Don’t forget me!”
– “You’re done!”

Yoshiaki Koizumi and Eiji Aonuma, the producers of Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild respectively, recently played the Nintendo Guessing Game to see how well they know each other. Check out the full video below.


The USK acts as the official classification board for Germany. We’ve spoke about them on the site plenty of times before, but they’re essentially the same as the ESRB in the U.S.

It seems that Nintendo gave the USK early access to Labo, but things nearly went very wrong. A tweet sent out earlier today states that the USK’s cleaning staff almost disposed of the product after thinking it was waste paper. We assume that everything worked out in the end, but that’s a pretty interesting story.

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Listings for a ton of unknown Switch titles popped up on Amazon about two weeks ago. Shortly after they were discovered, each one was removed. All of the listings had generic names and an image stating that they were announced at a Switch event.

Now we’re seeing something similar with GameStop. This week, six new SKUs were located within the retailer’s internal system. They’re all labeled “Available SKU”. It doesn’t seem that any of these games can be pre-ordered at the moment.

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The Play Nintendo YouTube channel has posted another video in which Mario responds to a fan letter. In the latest episode, he’s asked what he does in his free time. Listen to Mario’s response below.