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Reggie Fils-Aime has sent along a new Swapnote message to North American 3DS owners. A fresh piece of stationary was included, too. It’s a snapshot of the WaraWara Plaza.

Breaking news: Satoru Iwata is having a birthday today. Nintendo’s head honcho turned 53 years-old.

Iwata has been a busy man with the recent Nintendo Directs. Here’s hoping he was able to enjoy his birthday!

The graphic pictured above is the entire release schedule for Japanese Nintendo games in January. Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 is the only title confirmed for release next month. And that’s across all of Nintendo’s platforms – Wii U, 3DS, DS, and Wii.

That’s kind of crazy knowing that the schedule includes first and third-party releases. Where are the games, Nintendo?! Maybe we’ll see some release date announcements tomorrow through Nintendo Direct?

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One fan decided to make a song made up of various Wii U noises. You’ll hear the snapping noise a game case, menu music, and more.


In what will undoubtedly be the most important news of the night, there’s a clip floating around of Michelle Obama being told what a Wii U is. She had no idea what the console is and how it differs from a Wii before a visiting child explained it to her.


I suspect a few of you have seem this already (I noted it in the end of my feature last night), but in case you hadn’t heard how crazy things got towards the end, here’s the deal: The cardboard cutout of the Wii U Gamepad (above) had bids upwards of $90,000 over the last couple of days before being removed by eBay administrators for some ridiculous reason like “This is stupid” or “This is a piece of cardboard. You can’t charge this much for it.”.

While the lister won’t be getting rich quickly off of this hilarious mockup, he’s probably pretty happy that things went as far as they did. I wonder if anyone has gotten an interview with him yet…

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Strangely, pretty much all of the Wii U’s menu music has been posted on YouTube. Below you’ll find the piece for the console’s home menu. Below there is music for the Mii Studio, boot up, account creation, and more.

Bry Sharland isn’t pleased that Nintendo Power will soon be shutting down. Actually, he tells us that he’s been “depressed” over its imminent closure.

In hopes of paying tribute to the magazine, Bry has been working on a painting since August while being involved with two jobs. It features some of Nintendo’s most popular characters as well as Nester – one of Nintendo Power’s older mascots.

Props to Bry for making this painting. There’s no way we could have made something like this!