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Aspyr has issued a second gameplay trailer for the release of Star Wars: Republic Commando on current platforms. Give it a look below.

Star Wars: Republic Commando launches for Switch today via the eShop. Limited Run Games will be handling a physical version in the future.

Nintendo released a new video today showcasing a few European digital game highlights from March 2021. You can watch it below.

Stormind Games has debuted the first actual gameplay from Batora: Lost Haven, its upcoming story-driven action RPG. Watch the video below.

Batora: Lost Haven does not currently have a release window, but it will be offered on Switch in the future. You can learn more about the project here.

Glitchers has issued a launch trailer for Drive Buy, its cross-play vehicle combat game. Give it a look below.

Drive Buy is out now on the Switch eShop. For more information and a trailer, check out our previous coverage here.

The 3D platformer Toree 3D is set to debut on Switch next week. For a look at some footage, check out the video below.

Toree 3D arrives digitally for Switch on April 8. We have more on the game here.

Ubisoft has come out with a pair of behind the scenes videos for Immortals Fenyx Rising. Both delve into the new Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC.

In the first video, DLC producer Tu Yang talks about the motivations for Ubisoft Chengdu to create content based on Chinese mythology, as well as the direction the team took and some of the challenges they faced. The second one has associate game director Jiang An Qi and art director Li Qing sharing insights into the design and realization of a Chinese mythology-themed world and how the team brought this world to life.

Below are both videos:

Footage is in for Cozy Grove, a life-sim game from The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and Spry Fox. View the gameplay below.

Cozy Grove launches for Switch on April 8. Learn more about the game here.

Eastasiasoft and Axyos Games have shared an update on Hentai vs. Evil, an action shooter that was first announced back in February. The title has been delayed slightly and is now on track for May.

The first trailer for Hentai vs. Evil is also in. We have that below, along with more information about the game.

RetroMania Wrestling, a fast-paced pick up and play 2D arcade wrestling game, finally made it to Switch this week. You can find some footage in the video below.

RetroMania Wrestling is out now on the Switch eShop. We have some additional coverage here.

Earlier this week Red Art Games and Andrade Games released SturmFront – The Mutant War: Übel Edition on Switch. Get a look at some footage below.

SturmFront – The Mutant War: Übel Edition is out now on the Switch eShop, with a physical version to follow. We have more details about the launch here.