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Hitman 3 launched today, and Switch received the game in the form of the Cloud Version. Have a look at some footage in the video below.

Hitman 3 – Cloud Version can be accessed for Switch via the eShop.

During its latest live stream today, Famitsu showed footage of Cosmo Police Galivan and Quarth – the latest entries in the Arcade Archives series for Switch. We have the full recording below.

Arcade Archives Cosmo Police Galivan is out now on the Switch eShop. Arcade Archives Quarth is slated for January 21 worldwide.

We recently heard that Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is adding four-player co-op for the Captain Toad stages. On Wii U, these levels could only be tackled by a single person.

Nintendo offered up a brief look at the four-player co-op support on social media today. Check out the footage below.

The shoot ’em up game Bezier: Second Edition lands on Switch tomorrow. For a look at some footage, check out the video below.

Bezier: Second Edition will be sold digitally for Switch via the eShop starting on January 21. We have more information and a trailer here.

Mages and Team GrisGris have shown off the new Switch version of Corpse Party: Blood Covered …Repeated Fear for Switch with a gameplay video for Chapter 1: Prologue. Get a look at the footage below.

Corpse Party: Blood Covered …Repeated Fear will be released for Switch in Japan on February 28. There’s no word on a western release at this time.

Loot Hero DX, a retro-inspired RPG, lands on the Switch eShop later this week. View some early footage in the video below.

Expect to see Loot Hero DX on January 21. For more information and a trailer, head on over here.

GungHo has come out with a pair of new Japanese commercials for Ninjala. Both adverts can be viewed below.

Ninjala is currently available exclusively on Switch.

Broccoli has shared a few different trailers for Jack Jeanne that introduces the game’s various classes. We’ve rounded up the videos below, which include Quartz, Onyx, Rhodonite, and Amber.

During his days at Rare, Kev Bayliss worked on a number of different projects, including Donkey Kong Country. Bayliss helped determine the direction of the game’s character art.

In a YouTube video today, Bayliss offered up a look at some of his original sketches for Donkey Kong Country. Aside from Donkey Kong himself, we also get a look at Rambi, the Kremlings, and more.

Here’s the video intro from Bayliss:

Playdigious has prepared a new trailer for Cultist Simulator, a roguelike narrative card game. Watch the video below.

Cultist Simulator is due out for Switch on February 2. We have more information about the title here.