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502's Arcade

502 Studios has announced that 502’s Arcade, an anthology of fast-paced arcade games, is in the works for Switch. Other than “coming soon”, we do not have a release window at this time.

502’s Arcade tasks players with reaching the top of the leaderboards (Daily, Weekly, and All time) in the different included titles. Gameplay types include a dungeon crawler set in a procedural generated temple where you have to seal spirits, a puzzle where you have to prepare the orders of a hectic potions shop, and more. Difficulty varies by game, though players can earn lots of achievements along the way.

Onion Assault

Original (11/28): Gunman Clive developer Bertil Hörberg is wrapping up his next project Onion Assault, and it’s coming to Switch pretty soon. We don’t have an exact date, but the title is slated for January.

While Hörberg hasn’t shared much in the way of details, we know that Onion Assault is a 2D platformer, and it has a key mechanic of picking things up and throwing them. All sorts of objects can be tossed around – onions, barrels, enemies, and bosses.

Fury Fight: Gangsters of City

RedDeerGames will be starting off the new year with another Switch release, Fury Fight: Gangsters of City. The publisher confirmed today that the title is due out on January 13, 2022.

The game is a beat ’em up experience with four playable characters: Boris, Sofia, Harvey, and Maria. Players will go on a mission to take down crime lords who have taken over the city.

The Lost and The Wicked

Top Hat Studios has announced a partnership with Isaac Torres to publish The Lost and The Wicked, a “twin-stick psycho-thriller”. The game will launch on Switch in 2023.

The Lost and The Wicked picks up following a shipwreck in which the main character wake up in a wicked world with no memory of who he is. Players will learn about the past and how they ended up there while battling enemies along the way.

Below is an overview with additional information:

Humungous Classic Collection

This week’s European Nintendo Downloads are as follows:

Nintendo released a new video today showcasing a few European digital game highlights from December 2022. You can watch it below.

Jupiter Moons: Mecha

Rock & Bushes is bringing Jupiter Moons: Mecha to Switch, the studio has confirmed. While we know that it’s planned for Nintendo’s console, there’s currently no word on a release date.

Jupiter Moons: Mecha is a roguelike adventure game. The main loop involves selecting a mech, customizing a loadout, and building a deck to fight enemies in tactical combat.

Bits & Bops

Bits & Bops is one of the latest Kickstarter success stories. The project has raised about $85,000, and has not only met its initial funding target, but a Switch stretch goal as well.

To put it simply, Bits & Bops is a rhythm mini game collection. Players will be able to access over twenty of these bite-sized experiences.

Cygames has shared details about the next big Little Noah: Scion of Paradise update, including the ability to play as Zipper.

As most players know, Zipper is Noah’s cat companion. While we don’t have all of the details yet, the character will be playable after completing the game. The developers have also said that you’ll get to hear more from Noah while exploring the ruins.

Hamster has announced that the arcade classic Bubble Bobble will be the next Arcade Archives game released on Switch. Here is some more information on the title.

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