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The Conduit launch trailer

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UK Press Embrace Their Evil Side As Codemasters Celebrates The Launch Of A Tyrannical Trio Of Overlord Titles
Friday 19th June/… To celebrate the launch of Overlord II, Overlord Dark Legend and Overlord Minions on Friday 26th June, Codemasters invited key members of the UK press to an exclusive venue deep within the bowels of London. The launch event featured introductions to the three new entries in the Overlord tongue-in-cheek fantasy franchise from Overlord II’s creative director, Lennart Sas, as well as Overlord series scriptwriter Rhianna Pratchett. Also on hand were the Overlord’s mistresses Kelda, Fay and Juno, who encouraged members of the UK press to don the Overlord helmet of power and pose for photographs with them.

Codemasters also revealed today that Overlord fans can interact with the series in a number of exciting ways:

• Text Overlord to 83338 and get free ringtones, wallpaper, video and a call from a Minion.
• Twitter @ – tweets with the latest Overlord news.
• Facebook @ – win Minion figurines and stay in touch with videos, news, screenshots, community and contests.

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F1 2009 screenshots

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Technically speaking, most would argue that The Conduit is one of the Wii’s most impressive games. While many third-parties have not considered putting in a ton of effort into their titles or simply claimed the Wii was underpowered, High Voltage chose to create their own engine and worked around some of the system’s limitations. Now that all is said and done, the company is speaking out on the Wii’s behalf. According to Rob Nicholls, Lead Game Designer at HVS, the company is “showing that it was underestimated.”

“We wanted to make the game for the Wii that we just weren’t seeing out on the shelves. The motion controls of the Wii are perfect for FPS games, yet really good shooters on the Wii were few and far between. Also, the graphics we saw on the Wii were much less than what we knew was possible. Developers and publishers kept saying the Wii was underpowered. We’re showing that it was underestimated.”

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Windsor – 19th June, 2009 – 2K Play is pleased to announce that It’s My Birthday! launches today, exclusively on the Wii™ system from Nintendo across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It’s My Birthday! offers everything parents need to get the party started in a single box, including invitations, banners, colouring sheets and a special crown for the all-important birthday boy or girl!

It’s My Birthday! provides a unique and entertaining way to host a child’s birthday celebration, offering state-of-the-art party games that can be enjoyed by up to 12 children at a time on the Wii™. By modernising classics like Pin The Tail On The Donkey, Sack Race, Musical Chairs and 19 other traditional birthday games, it’s the perfect way to host a memorable and fun birthday party – without breaking the bank. The birthday boy or girl can also choose from ten party theme rooms for an unforgettable experience, from “Pirates,” complete with sword and treasure chest, to “Princess,” with a royal castle and magical unicorn.

First day sales in Japan

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Tomodachi Collection (DS) – 38,000 (50%)
Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable (PSP) – 19,000
Tago Akira no Atama no Taisou Dai-1-Shuu (DS) – 5,300
Metal Gear Solid 4 (BEST) (PS3) – 1,500
Diamond and the Sound of a Gun Shot (PSP) – 1,300

DSi 36,872
PSP 26,904
Wii 18,442
PS3 10,009
Xbox 360 8,015
DS Lite 5,408
PS2 3,498