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de Blob 2 Wii/DS boxarts

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Love Zombie debut trailer

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Wii: 205K
PS3: 265K
360: 395K
PS2: 40K
PSP: 80K
NDS: 350K


Wii: 200K
PS3: 280K
360: 360K
PS2: —
PSP: 70K
NDS: 340K


New de Blob 2 trailer

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Teyon, a Polish video games developer and publisher, announced today the release of their logic/puzzle game Robot Rescue on the Nintendo DSiWare™ in Europe and Australia. The title will be available in the Nintendo DSi Shop starting from November 12th 2010 with the 200 Nintendo DSi Points™ price tag.

Robot Rescue is a fun and original Nintendo DSiWare™ logic game. Your mission is to free robots trapped in an evil computer labyrinth while avoiding deadly traps. Sound easy? Not so fast! Each robot shares linked controls… so when you move one, you move them all! It’ll take clever planning and nerves of steel to pull off this electronic escape. You will need to avoid many traps and use special elements!

More information can be found at the game’s site at

Source: Teyon PR

This information comes from Shigeru Miyamoto…

“It’s a good question. And that’s not to say if there’s another Wii Music, Mario wouldn’t make an appearance. If we get more people to understand what’s going on in the game concept, then he might appear in the game. I don’t know. But, mostly, Mario is really action-oriented. In most of his games, it’s about the player’s actions on the screen or the player being able to experience the actions of Mario. He doesn’t seem to fit that role of a musician for us right now. With the Mii characters that players create to represent themselves appearing in different games– again, like Mario does–I thought that idea of using Miis was a good fit. And so the user could feel that they were there playing the music…. And there’s a lot of potential still in Wii Music, I think. Because we’re going to change it up, a new interface is coming, and all of that.”

Miyamoto has hinted at Wii Music 2 for quite some time. So far, we haven’t seen anything concrete just yet. I’m not too sure how receptive consumers would be if a sequel were to be released. Honestly, Wii Music wasn’t critically or commercially successful compared to the other “Wii _____” titles.


No, no… This project is anything but official! Still, it’s a pretty neat concept. A fan is completely remaking Super Mario Bros. 3, but with New Super Mario Bros.’s engine. It looks like quite a bit of fun!

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