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Below is an official statement from Nintendo of America in regards to Wii Remote Plus…

“We have nothing to announce at this time.”

For whatever reason, it appears Nintendo wants to keep this news a secret for the time being… Even though it’s not really a secret anymore. Interestingly, GameStop has removed the listing for FlingSmash/Wii Remote Plus. The game is coming out in about a month and a half, though, so Nintendo will have to say something soon!


Super Robot Wars L trailer

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“Huh? Oh, Gyakuten XX. I’m making it, with Mr. Takumi!” – Level-5’s Jiro Ishii’s Twitter

I positively love the Ace Attorney series, and while the Perfect Prosecutor spin-offs are very good games, I really feel the need to get back into the defendant’s booth and cross-examine some dudes! I really hope this ends up being true, because Level-5 is a great developer who I know could do wonderful things with the Ace Attorney name.

Side note: “Gyakuten XX” is the Japanese name for the series.

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This information comes from Epic Mickey producer Raul Ramirez…

“We do have such a great experienced staff at Junction Point that we were able to, as we feel, push the Wii to it’s capability and ultimate limit and provide a beautiful story for the player to jump into. We are fortunate enough to have such great staff and we have a lot of years experience in the gaming community that they’ve just pushed the Wii to its capability, to its absolute max, in order to provide what you’re seeing in front of you.”

I definitely get the feeling like Warren Spector and his team have a very strong passion to bring a high-quality title to Wii. Let’s just hope it pays off in the end!


New Sonic Colors trailer

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This is pretty interesting. It’s the first time we’ve heard of an official controller in which the Wiimote and MotionPlus are actually attached. One has to wonder if Nintendo will make the “Wii Remote Plus” available as a standalone product.

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“Pre-order Donkey Kong Country Returns and receive a GameStop exclusive Banana Pouch for your Wii Remote. Available for online and in-store customers only while supplies last.”

It’s an interesting bonus, but I don’t know how often I’d use it. Still, something is better than nothing, and I was planning on purchasing the game anyway. This just makes the deal sweeter.

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