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Without a doubt, Monster Hunter 3 is  one of the best looking (if not the best) games on the Wii. You may remember that the visuals even manged to impress the Zelda team. Creating the most beautiful title on the Wii was a goal from the very start of development, as Monster Hunter 3 producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, explains:

“We had planned out from the onset to make Monster Hunter Tri the most beautiful game on the Wii. We feel that we’ve taken a lot of time actually to make the graphics as good as they are. We’ve received a lot of good feedback from Japanese users and also from overseas users that definitely for a Wii game this is the best graphics they’ve seen.”

Warren Spector on comics/cartoons/film…

“I’ve had some discussions with people and really, really want to see some comics and cartoons and feature animation built around this. There have been discussions about all sorts of things talking about other possibilities around this project. I really hope it’s going to happen and I’m going to keep beating on that drum.

Spector on putting Epic Mickey on Wii…

“I think there is always a risk. The nintendo games are fantastic and do extremely well and third-party don’t do quite as well. We are putting a lot of muscle behind this. We have an advantage that no one has. You say Mickey and Disney and the whole world changes, everything changes. If anyone has a chance of really delivering something special on the Wii, Nintendo-level special, it’s us.”

Spector on expanding Epic Mickey into a franchise…

“I certainly have big plans. Have they been approved? No. But I have had a lot of discussions about what is going to happen next. In my mind it’s already a franchise. I really can’t abide the thought that it will be OK or mediocre. We are going after Mario and Zelda, Ratchet and Clank, we all aspire to that. I don’t always succeed, but we’re always shooting for the moon. I’m a man of many motos and one of them is fail gloriously.”

Wow, I’m loving what Warren Spector has been saying about Epic Mickey. I’ll admit, I’m not impressed with most of the screenshots that have been released thus far, but I certainly have more confidence in the actual gameplay. And it’s great to see a Wii developer with so much enthusiasm!


“(PS3/360 port is) a decision that other people in the Disney organisation are going to make. Right now we’re a Wii game and I’m happy to be able to focus. It’s interesting – it’s kind of fun to be able to focus on gameplay and not have to worry about modern shader stuff. That’s got its place but you know what? If I never make another game that’s trying to be the hyper-realistic, look like everybody else in the world… I’m OK with that. I don’t need to do that anymore. I’m really enjoying working on a platform where gameplay is ‘it’.” – Warren Spector

As we posted yesterday, Epic Mickey was initially planned as a PC/360/PS3 title. After Warren Spector requested the Wii to have its own game, Disney Interactive boss Graham Hopper suggested that Epic Mickey should become a Wii-exclusive.


Update: Looks like the initial statement was mistranslated. Iwata did not say that Nintendo has failed with the Wii and we’ve added in the fully corrected statement in this post.

Over the last few months, the sales of the Wii in Japan (not to mention the U.S.) have been dropping. And today, Nintendo said that there was a 59% drop in first-half profit. During a press conference, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata admitted that the company failed with the Wii, but did say that the current price drop has stabilized sales somewhat.

“Wii has stalled. We were unable to continually release strong software, and let the nice mood cool. We were unable to show a new game to become ‘the next thing.’ In the game market, once you’ve lost the momentum, it takes time to recover. With the price drop, sales returned to a certain level, but they just did not reach the level of last year around this time. We decided that it would be difficult to sell enough to recover from the poor performance of the first half of the year. In order to reach it (20 million target), we’ll have to move quite a large quantity, but it’s a figure we released after having felt the momentum returning [based off the price drop].”

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We are happy to announce the ship date for Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero today. Exclusively available on the Wii, Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero will ship on December 1, 2009 and will be a must-have classic for the Holiday season. Resident Evil Archives gives Wii gamers the opportunity to play classic Resident Evil games they may have missed, now at a great value price of $29.99.

Prequel to the game that started a multi-million dollar franchise, Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero exposes the back story and internal tyranny of the Umbrella Corporation and lets players discover the origins of the T-Virus in an epic storyline that tells the horrors leading up to the infamous mansion incident.


Mickey Mouse Makes His WiiTM Debut Alongside Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt Disney’s First Cartoon Star

BURBANK, Calif. – (October 28, 2009) – Disney Interactive Studios today announced the development of Disney Epic Mickey, an adventure-platforming game with light role-playing elements for the Wii™ home video game console. The game stars Mickey Mouse who has been re-imagined for videogames by luminary game designer Warren Spector and his Junction Point game development studio. In Disney Epic Mickey, Spector, a life-long Disney fan, taps into Mickey Mouse’s rich history along with the characters and worlds brought to life by Walt Disney to create an edgy and unexpected cartoon adventure.

“Mickey is an adventurous and rambunctious mouse,” said Warren Spector, creative director and vice president, Junction Point. “I want to bring his personality to the forefront, place him in a daunting world and connect his spirited character with video game players worldwide. Ultimately, each player decides for him- or herself what makes Mickey cool.”

…And it will cost more!

“Nintendo today confirms that a new Nintendo DSi XL console is launching in Europe in the first
quarter of 2010. The retail price of the Nintendo DSi XL is expected to be higher than that of the Nintendo DSi. Further details will be released soon.” – Nintendo statement

I don’t see myself purchasing the DSi LL/XL. I’ve already invested in the original DS, DS Lite, and first iteration of the DSi. And since the XL doesn’t really offer anything new, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to me.



– Releasing November 21 in Japan
– Three colors: Dark Brown, Wine Red, Natural White
– ¥20,000, original DSi costs ¥18,900
– 4.2 inch screens
– Wider viewing angle than the DSi so others can watch someone play
– Comes with two different pens – One stylus is four millimeters longer than the original DSi stylus, the other one is 30 millimeters long
– Also comes with two Brain Age DSiWare titles, Maikyou Kokugo Rakubiki Jiten, (dictionary)
– 161×91.4×21.2mm
– 314g
– 9-11 hours of battery life for mid-level brightness, 4-5 hours of battery life on highest battery setting
– 3 hours to charge

Thanks to Thomas N and Rob for the news tip!


LEVEL review scores

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These scores come from issue #43 of the Swedish magazine LEVEL…

Tekken 6 – 9, 9
Brütal Legend – 8, 10
Aion – 7
Forza Motorsport 3 – 8
Machinarium – 9
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time – 7
Football Manager 2010 – 9
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – 7
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days – 7
Borderlands – 6 JM (Johan Martinsson), 7
Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story – 9
Super KO Boxing 2 – 6
You, Me & The Cubes – 6
Champions Online – 6
Gridrunner Revolution – 8
NHL 2K10 – 5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up – 5
Lucidity – 6
Dungeon Hunter – 6
Drift Mania – 8


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