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A-Train: City Simulator

A-Train: City Simulator is launching on the North American 3DS eShop on April 14, Natsume has confirmed. The European (and Australian) release will follow on April 14.

For those who haven’t heard of A-Train: City Simulator previously, the game is “a cross between a social experience and a deeply involved city building simulator with a heavy emphasis on keeping your town connected and its transportation flowing smoothly.” A full overview can be found below.

Artdink prepared several pieces of downloadable content for A-Train: City Simulator’s Japanese version. When the game heads west, all DLC will be available to English-speaking players.

Natsume wrote in a Tumblr post today:

A mix of transport simulator and city builder, we’re very excited to be bringing A-Train: City Simulator to a new audience! We’re also pleased to announce that all the DLC from the Japanese version will be available to our English-speaking fans! We’ll be revealing screenshots and further details leading up to the game’s launch!

A-Train: City Simulator will be available in North America sometime next month. The European launch should take place around the same time.


Last week, Natsume announced that A-Train: City Simulator will be available in North America next month. But what about Europe? Fortunately, there’s good news to share on that front.

A-Train: City Simulator could very well be out in Europe around the same as North America, according to Natsume community manager CeeCee. The game was submitted for both regions at the same time, so Natsume hopes that “the releases will be as close together as we can make them.”


A-Train: City Simulator is due out in North America next month, Natsume announced today. A specific date was not provided.

Additional A-Train: City Simulator content was prepared today as well. You’ll find a set of new screenshots and a bunch of details below.

You’re the boss! It’s up to you to keep cities, towns, and suburbs connected and their transportation smoothly flowing. However, doing so comes with challenges: players will need to balance their budgets, as well as the wants and needs of the people using the systems. Bottlenecks and frustrated citizens must be avoided if the transportation system is going to truly work for the citizens!

As the new head of transportation, players will see real results of their work. They can build new buildings to support additional growth for bus routes and subway services, export goods to make money, and even build an airport! As time passes in-game, players will have the option to upgrade their technology, moving from steam-powered trains to high-powered electric ones!

Enjoy the sights of the city and the transportation methods you choose with a panoramic sweep, or set new goals with a map editor that gives players all the tools needed to craft new scenarios. With hours and hours of variable storylines, fans will find a deep depth of gameplay that’s sure to keep them coming back for more!

Source: Natsume PR

Natsume confirmed A-Train: City Simulator for North America last year. However, the publisher didn’t have much to say about the game’s European release.

Thanks to a listing on the Australian ratings board, we now know for sure that A-Train: City Simulator will be available in PAL territories. We don’t have any sort of release date, but it should definitely launch sometime this year.


Natsume’s latest “State of the Farm” post on Tumblr provides updates on two 3DS titles.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, which launched last month, will soon be receiving new content. Natsume hopes to begin releasing DLC in January “and every month after that until April.” The company says there will be “a nice variety” of new content.

Natsume also shared the following status report on A-Train: City Simulator:

Currently we are at the tail end of the translation and localization for A-Train and we are truly excited about this title. In January we’ll begin testing, tweaking, and polishing. With a mix of city simulation strategy and trains, we can’t wait for our fans to play this unique title. Expect to see your first glimpse of the game in January.


Natsume shared release windows for three of its upcoming Nintendo games over on Facebook. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will arrive first, with a fall launch planned. Alphadia Genesis and A-Train: City Simulator will follow in the winter of this year.

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Natsume has revealed its final two Nintendo-related announcements for E3 2014. The publisher will be localizing A-Train: City Simulator for 3DS as well as Alphadia Genesis for Wii U.

Here’s an overview of both games:

Combining the best of both city simulation games and transportation simulation games, A-Train: City Simulator for 3DS is sure to be a hit with fans of both genres! As the newly promoted head of the local transportation agency, it’s your job to make sure that both the city and its transportation system run smoothly! From buses, trains, and subways, you’ll have to think about the best way to incorporate these into the city while avoiding possible bottlenecks and frustrated citizens!

Natsume is also pleased to reveal their first Wii U game, Alphadia Genesis! Boasting a rich, complex story starring Fray, a member of the local guild, and Corone, a knight. As their journey progresses and conflicting national interests come to the forefront, it becomes apparent that it may take more than a little work on both their parts if their relationship is to weather the foreboding storm on the horizon.

A-Train: City Simulator and Alphadia Genesis, along with Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, will be showcased at E3 2014.

Source: Natsume PR

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