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River City Saga: Three Kingdoms - River City Girls

Misako and Kyoko are joining River City Saga: Three Kingdoms as part of the game’s Heroes of the Three Kingdoms: Battle of Red Cliffs mode, it’s been revealed.

As a reminder, this mode has players going through ten stages where powerful bosses await as they work together – and sometimes compete against each other. It’s possible to turn friendly fire on / off here, find hidden stages, and more.

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms trailer

Launch trailers for games tend to be published very close to their release date, but that’s not the case for River City Saga: Three Kingdoms. Although it’s over a month out in the west, Arc System Works is already wrapping up its video promotion efforts.

Here’s an overview of the game with more information: 

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms

Today, Arc System Works revealed that River City Saga: Three Kingdoms is coming west with a proper English release. It will be available on July 21, 2022 in North America.

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms was first announced for Switch last year. In Japan, the game initially released on December 16, 2021.

Publisher Arc System Works and  developer APlus Games have announced that River City Saga: Three Kingdoms is coming to Switch in Japan on December 16. Additionally, some new gameplay details have been revealed for the game, along with a new trailer.

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms, also known as Kunio-kun no Sangokushi dayo: Zeiin Shuugou!, received an update at the Tokyo Game Show today. Arc System Works offered a new look at the game and shared the opening movie.

Here’s the video:

The upcoming side-scrolling beat ’em up by Arc System Works, Kunio-kun no Sangokushi dayo: Zeiin Shuugou!, has received new details. This information includes a quick story summary, a description of the action gameplay, and character names.

Also, new screenshots for the game have been released that show off some of the gameplay and character interactions.

Check out all of these details below (translation and format courtesy of Gematsu):

The latest version of Kill la Kill: IF, version 1.10, is now available. Here are the full patch notes:

  • New Content
    • Added new playable character, “Nudist Beach D.T.R.”
      • Playable in all versus modes and Gallery mode.
    • Added a notification upon matching with an opponent in the Ranked Match lobby.
    • Added an opponent search filter for [Any Skill Level].
  • Balance changes
    • Changed the algorithm on certain ways ranking orders are displayed.
    • Fixes to the voice library.
    • Fixed Story Mode’s score calculating system.
    • Fixed issues concerning the double K.O. in Versus Mode.
    • Fixed the IA behavior of the CPU controlled opponents.
    • Adjusted the amounts of gallery points in each Mode.
    • Fixed an issue concerning the random Stage select in case of rematches in Free Battle Mode.
    • All character actions are now the same as of PS4 and Steam version 1.04.

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The latest issue of Famitsu has confirmed that the Arc System Works and APlus title Damascus Gear Operation Osaka is coming to Switch on August 29 in Japan.

Last month, a rating for a Switch port of the game appeared. Previously, the game has only seen release on PS4, Vita, and PC. 

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This week, Kill la Kill: IF received a notable update. Version 1.02 is highlighted by a ton of character adjustments.

Below are the full patch notes:

Kill la Kill: IF

Kill la Kill: IF launches on Switch later this week. If you’re interested in seeing what the game has to offer though, you can now find a demo on the eShop. It’s live in both North America and Europe.

We published a review of Kill la Kill: IF yesterday. Find our verdict of the fighter here

Source: Switch eShop

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