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Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins was the first title in the series not made by Rocksteady. How does Arkham’s creator feel about the game?

NowGamer first asked Rocksteady producer Dax Ginn if it was surreal seeing another studio develop a new entry in a series. He stated:

“It was certainly pretty interesting, just to see what another team of creatives would do with Batman.”

And about Origins as a game in general, Ginn commented:

“I think they did a really solid job with Arkham Origins. I personally really, really enjoyed it – I think mostly because I’m really good at the combat, having played Arkham games for so long, I got a lot of joy out of it.”


Nintendo is refunding Wii U owners who have purchased Batman: Arkham Origins’ season pass.

In an official message, Nintendo customer support explained that Warner Bros. has decided against bringing the game’s upcoming story campaign to Wii U. And so season pass owners are receiving refunds for the item – which costs $19.99 (plus tax) – in the form of eShop credit.

You can find Nintendo’s notice in full after the break.

Warner Bros. has confirmed new story DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins. Based on the teaser image posted above, the common consensus is that Mr. Freeze will be involved in some fashion.

No word yet on when the DLC will arrive. Just a vague 2014 window has been provided as of now.


The Batman: Arkham Origins – Initiation DLC launches tomorrow for $6.99 / £5.49.

Here’s the DLC’s official overview:

Tomorrow, Dec. 3, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will be releasing the Initiation Challenge Map Add-On for Batman™: Arkham Origins on the PlayStation®Network, Xbox LIVE online entertainment network from Microsoft, Steam and Nintendo eShop for $6.99. The Initiation Add-On focuses on Bruce Wayne before he donned his cowl, and introduces a new challenge campaign with four unique challenge maps and two original skins – Initiation Bruce Wayne and Vigilante Bruce Wayne. Players who have purchased the Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass and are connected to the Internet will have instant access to the content.

Set high in the Paektu-San Mountains of North Korea, the Initiation Add-On follows a young Bruce Wayne as he faces his ultimate test. Players will embark upon a series of challenge maps that test their martial arts training across exotic locales, including a bamboo forest and a mountain top monastery. Fans will face fresh enemies along with an epic final test to prove their worthiness to Bruce’s greatest and most pitiless teacher, Kirigi.

Warner Bros. will release Batman: Arkham Origins’ Initiation DLC next month. The content, as teased by WB Games VP Ames Kirshen, is a “new kind of challenge map pack that’s got a little bit of a narrative to it.” Players will follow Bruce Wayne’s adventures at a monastery full of ninja.

There are also plans to produce larger story-focused DLC for launch in 2014. Eurogamer reports that the content will feature “one of the most pivotal relationships in the series”. Its scope will be about as large as Arkham City’s Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC.

Senior producer Ben Mattes told Eurogamer:

“It is in line with our angle of the origins – not necessarily of characters, but of key relationships. It is a DLC that will focus on one of the most key relationships in Batman canon.”

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Warner Bros. has released new DLC packs for Batman: Arkham Origins. Starting today, players can purchase the “Infinite Earths Skins Pack” and “Black Mask Challenge Pack”. An overview of each can be found below.

Digital Foundry’s latest tech investigation focuses on Batman: Arkham Origins. Unfortunately, Wii U was deemed the worst version out of the bunch, with the publication saying Origins suffers “considerably worse performance than the other formats.” The game simply doesn’t offer a steady frame rate.

You can find some comparison videos below, and Digital Foundry’s full piece here.

Warner Bros. Interactive is releasing new DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins today. Players can now purchase the “New Millennium Skins Pack”, which includes bonus skins based on a variety of classic and modern storylines pulled from the comics:

· Red Son Batman
· Blackest Night Batman
· 1st Appearance Batman
· New 52 Graphic Batman
· Batman: Noel
· One Year Later Robin™ (available in multiplayer mode only on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

Pricing is set at $3.99 for the DLC. For the official announcement (with a few extra details), read on below.

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