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Big John Games

Big John Games confirmed on Twitter today that Cube Creator 3D will support dual analog controls. Players will be able to use the C stick on the New 3DS as well as the Circle Pad Pro on standard 3DS systems.

Big John wrote on Twitter:


The demo for Cube Creator 3D has been downloaded over 125,000 times on the eShop, developer Big John Games announced today.

On Twitter, the studio confirmed:

Cube Creator 3D’s demo launched in mid-December. It’s unclear if Cube Creator 3D’s demo downloads will translate to high sales, but it’s an impressive number nonetheless.


Cube Creator 3D may not feature use of the Circle Pad Pro at launch. However, developer Big John Games has indicated that support will arrive through a future update.

The studio wrote on Twitter earlier this month:


Thanks to Jake for the tip.

Big John Games is developing a Minecraft-esque game for the 3DS eShop, the studio has revealed. “Cube Creator 3D” will be released in Q1 2015, though a demo will be available in December.

A few Cube Creator 3D details can be found below. Check out a pair of videos above.

– Demo version includes Creative Mode
– This lets players mess around and explore the stereoscopic 3D world
– Use the touch screen to handle inventory
– Full game has Survival Mode
– Variety of enemies and a mixture of random and crafted worlds
– Import what you made in the demo to the final version
– Will be updated after release to fine-tune the experience
– No word on pricing


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