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Human: Fall Flat update 1.5.5 Lumber

Human: Fall Flat players on Switch can access a new 1.5.5 update for the game as of this week. Once installed, they can access a new Lumber level.

Here’s what to expect from the stage: 


Autonauts is makings its way to Switch, publisher Curve Games and developer Denki have announced. The base-building, management, and automation sim will be available later this month.

When it lands on Nintendo’s console, the game will offer “a brand-new player experience, providing fans with an evolved tutorial and structure that enables them to hone their coding skills more quickly and effectively. Conveniently code mechanical helpers by showing them what to do step-by-step, be it cooking, farming, mining, construction and so much more; then sit back and watch your automation ‘ant farm’ carry out their duties.”

Human: Fall Flat Laboratory

Human: Fall Flat continues to expand and Switch players now have access to more content thanks to version 1.5.4, which has added the Laboratory level.

The stage was made by “Buler”, who was a winner in a Worldwide Workshop competition. There’s lots of room for experimental exploration of magnetism and electricity here.

Below is an official overview of the Laboratory level in Human: Fall Flat:

Embr Secret Hosr

A new update for Embr has gone live on Switch, adding a brand new Secret Hosr multiplayer mode. It allows four Respondrs to go on even longer missions with more clients, and dangerous explosives ticking down to destruction in need of disposal.

New to this mode is that players will be working against one of their teammates for the first time. A Hosr Agent has infiltrated the mission, and you’ll have to keep your clients safe, the building secure, and the bombs defused. Players can report to vote the agent out if they believe they know who’s the saboteur.

Space Crew Legendary Edition trailer

Publisher Curve Games and developer Runner Duck Games have shared a launch trailer for Space Crew: Legendary Edition. The original title previously went live on Switch, but the Legendary Edition is a free expansion for all players.

Here’s everything you need to know about Space Crew: Legendary Edition:

Space Crew Legendary Edition

Publisher Curve Digital and developer Runner Duck today unveiled a major Legendary Edition expansion for Space Crew, their intergalactic crew management strategy games. Switch players can access the new content this month.

The expansion includes new content like the Android Ambush campaign and Away Team missions. It also comes with a new star-system to explore with new missions as well as a range of special features and gameplay experiences.

embr trailer

In celebration of this week’s release, publisher Curve Digital and developer Muse Games have shared a launch trailer for Embr, their new frantic firefighting title.

If you haven’t heard about the game previously, this overview will come in handy:

Embr gameplay

Early gameplay has emerged for Embr, a frantic firefighting game. Curve Digital and Muse Games will be officially bringing the title to Switch tomorrow, September 23.

Here’s an overview of the Embr with additional information:

The frantic firefighting game Embr was announced for Switch earlier this year. It turns out that it won’t just be a digital release, as a physical version is in the works as well. The tentative boxart can be seen above.

Based on retailer listings, Embr will be out as a physical title on September 24. Pre-orders are now open on Amazon and GameStop.

Just Die Already

Just Die Already already appeared on Switch this year as an eShop download. Now, however, Curve Digital is planning a physical edition as well.

The boxed version of Just Die Already has started to appear at retailers. At least for now, it’s looking like Just Die Already will be hitting store shelves on September 17. You can pre-order a copy on Amazon or GameStop.

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