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Dead Cells

Dead Cells Everyone is Here Vol. II update

Original (11/7): Dead Cells continues to release new content, and a new Everyone is Here Vol. II update has just been revealed. The patch just went live on PC, and is “coming soon to consoles” – including Switch.

Everyone is Here Vol. II features the latest set of crossovers. Players can access weapons, skills, and skins from Terraria, Risk of Rain, Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight, Katana Zero, and Slay the Spire.

Below are the full patch notes:

Dead Cells Boss Rush

Original (10/5): A new Boss Rush update is inbound for Dead Cells, Motion Twin and Evil Empire revealed today.

In it, players will fight through four stages of bosses and their enhanced versions. Take them down to unlock a new weapon, skill, mutation, and skins.

Dead Cells Enter the Panchaku update

The next major update for Dead Cells, “Enter the Panchaku”, has just gone live on Switch. This will show as version 1.20.0.

There’s lots that’s new here, including the Panchaku weapon, Bobby Outfit outfit, crossover content with Soul Knight, and much more. That’s along with balance adjustments and bug fixes.

The full patch notes for the Dead Cells “Enter the Panchaku” update (version 1.20.0) are as follows:

Developer Motion Twin have announced that the next update for Dead Cells, Enter the Panchaku, will be delayed by “at least another week” due to issues with the certification process. The update was released on PC platforms earlier this month, but the delay will affect all console platforms.

Dead Cells update 1.19.1

Another update has gone out for Dead Cells and players can now access version 1.19.1.

According to the patch notes, graphics and UI have seen some adjustments. Bug fixes and more are also included.

The full patch notes for the Dead Cells version 1.19.1 update are as follows:

Dead Cells Breaking Barriers update 1.19.0

The latest Dead Cells update, known as “Breaking Barriers”, (or version 1.19.0), has now gone live on Switch.

There’s a bunch of elements for today’s update, including an array of accessibility options. Players can now access an Assist Mode for tailored, specific tweaks to elements of the game.

Below are the full patch notes for the Dead Cells “Breaking Barriers” (version 1.19.0) update:

Dead Cells Break the Bank update

Dead Cells continues to roll out free content for all players, as the game has just received a new “Bank the Break” update.

The patch is highlighted by a new optional biome, The Bank, that randomly appears in your run. It can only be accessed by opening the chest as soon as you see it. If you miss out, the chest won’t show up again until you start a new run. Everyone can unlock The Bank by reaching the Hand of the King or The Queen once.

Dead Cells update 1.17.2

A new 1.17.2 update has found its way to Dead Cells on Switch. It includes a bunch of balancing adjustments, a couple of quality of life changes, and tons of bug fixes.

The full patch notes for the Dead Cells version 1.17.2 update are as follows:

Dead Cells Queen Sea gameplay

Dead Cells gained brand new DLC this week in the form of The Queen & The Sea, and we now have gameplay. Fans can check out 15 minutes of footage.

If you’re curious as to what the Dead Cells The Queen & The Sea DLC has to offer, read up on the following overview:

The Queen & The Sea DLC for Dead Cells goes live today, and we have a new trailer to celebrate. We previously received a gameplay video, but the one for today is entirely animated.

Below is some additional information about the DLC:

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