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Evil Empire

The new Whack a Mole update for Dead Cells, otherwise known as version 1.13.0, is now live. It contains trio of new heavy-hitting weapons, new mutations and a collection of other enhancements.

To recap, here’s some additional information about the update:

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have revealed the next major update for Dead Cells known as “Whack-a-Mole”. It includes a trio of new heavy-hitting weapons, new mutations and a collection of other enhancements.

Here’s some additional details:

In celebration of Dead Cells’ new Fatal Falls DLC, Motion Twin and Evil Empire have created a new animated trailer. Check out the video below.

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls is out now on Switch for $4.99.

Motion Twin and Evil Empire today announced that the upcoming Fatal Falls DLC will be arriving on January 26. Pricing is set at $4.99 / €4.99.

Fatal Falls, the second paid DLC for Dead Cells, features a bunch of content including two new mid-game biomes, a new boss, and a slew of new weapons and items.

Here are some additional details and a trailer:

Last month, Dead Cells’ new Barrels o’ Fun update was announced for a summer release on Switch. It seems that there was actually going to be a delay on consoles in order to iron out performance, but the team has reversed course and is now intending to go live next week.

Motion Twin and Evil Empire addressed the situation, providing the following status report:

Dead Cells is continuing to offer up new content for existing players. The next update, known as Barrels o’ Fun, arrives on Switch this summer.

The update adds The Derelict Distillery as a new biome, new enemies, new weapons, explosive barrels and breakable walls, and a new soundtrack. We have further details and a trailer below. 

Dead Cells’ latest update is live on Switch. Update of Plenty includes changes to the weapons and economy, scrolls being removed from ++ and S weapons, smoothed out difficulty progression, and more.

For those that missed our previous coverage, here’s a comprehensive breakdown:

Dead Cells has surpassed three million copies sold, Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced. The milestone accounts for sales since launch across all platforms.

In other news, a new update is coming soon to Switch. It’s already out on PC, but it should be hitting Nintendo’s console “in the coming weeks.”

Here’s some information about the new update: