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Pokemon Masters EX has just received its regular monthly update, bringing the game to version 2.23.0. This update is mainly focused on improving the UI, adjusting the appearance of various menus and making them easier to navigate.

You can check out the full patch notes for the update below:

Now that the Piranha Plant Tour is ending, the next tour to be coming to Mario Kart Tour has just been announced. It is the Ocean Tour, focusing on a nautical theme with several new kart elements, Mii Racing Suits and a new track all being featured.

The new Tour will bring fan-favorite track GCN Daisy Cruiser to the game, as well as new sailor variations for Daisy and Toadette. As part of the 11th wave of Mii Racing Suits, two new suits based on Cheep Cheeps and dolphins will also be introduced during this Tour.

You can check out the new trailers for the Ocean Tour and Wave 11 Mii Racing Suits below.

Mario Kart Tour has just received a new update, bringing the game to version 2.14.0. This update is preparing the game for a new upcoming bonus challenge, adding a handful of quality of life features and addressing a few known issues.

Check out the full patch notes for the update below:

Pokemon Masters EX has just received some new content revolving around fan-favorite character N. Specifically, this content involves a new Summer festival-themed story event, Summer Nights & Wishing Stars, as well as a Seasonal Scout for new Sync Pair 5★ N (Summer 2022) & Zoroark. You can check out more information on these events below.

The regular monthly update has just gone live for Pokemon Masters EX bringing the game to version 2.22.0. This is a fairly minor update, preparing the game for further content as usual, but also adding songs to the Jukebox and fixing a few minor bugs and issues.

You can check out the full patch notes for the update below:

As the current Metropolitan Tour is finishing up, Mario Kart Tour has announced what the next addition to the game will be. Specifically, they’ve announced a new Bangkok Tour, that will be coming with a new course called Bangkok Rush.

As usual, new drivers and kart elements will be added, such as Daisy wearing a Bangkok-themed outfit and driving an elephant-based kart. The Bangkok Tour itself will start July 28, at 11 PM PT. You can check out a trailer for the new Tour below.

A handful of new events focusing on the rivals and main characters of the Pokemon franchise have just made their way to Pokemon Masters EX. These consist of a Rival Challenge event that lets you battle 9 rivals from across the series’ history, as well as a Main Character Poke Fair and Special Scout, letting you recruit some of the franchise’s iconic heroes like Red, Lucas and Gloria.

Pokemon Masters EX has just been updated with a couple of Bede-centric events. The first of these is a new story event in which several rivals from various Pokemon games, including Bede, gather to compete in a tournament. The second of these is a Poke Fair Scout featuring 5★ Sync Pair Bede & Hatterene, which is also accompanied by a discount on gem purchases.

As the Cat Tour is currently wrapping up, Mario Kart Tour has just detailed the next Tour that will be coming to the game. This one will be a Metropolitan Tour, focused around a variety of city courses and with a general food theme added in.

As part of this, a new Pastry Chef Mii Racing Suit, part of the 8th wave of them, will be added to the game. It will also feature the return of several pre-existing drivers and kart elements, such as Lederhosen Luigi and Volendam Rosalina.

You can check out the new trailers for Mario Kart Tour’s Metropolitan Tour and new Mii Racing Suit below.

Completing the trio along with Sygna Suit Ethan and Sygna Suit Lyra, Master Sync Pair 5★ Sygna Suit Kris & Suicune is now available through the Master Fair Scout. As part of the Master Fair Scout, the chances of obtaining a 5★ Sync Pair are increased to 12%. Since Sygna Suit Kris is a Master Sync Pair, she possesses a Master Passive Skill that further strengthens her whole team. She is also being released with her Sync Grid expanded, along with the ability to be raised to 6★ EX. Sygna Suit Kris, Ethan and Lyra will all be available through the Master Fair Scout until July 13, 10:59 PM PT.


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