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Detective Pikachu

The official website for Detective Pikachu houses the official boxart for the new physical release in Japan as well as the upcoming amiibo. We have both images attached to this post.

Detective Pikachu launches in North America and Europe with the new amiibo on March 23. Japan’s physical release with the figure is also happening on the same day.


Update: Detective Pikachu also launches March 23 in the west. The “special limited-edition” Detective Pikachu amiibo is larger than the standard figures we’ve seen in the past and can unlock short videos that may contain helpful hints.

Original: Detective Pikachu is finally coming west, The Pokemon Company has revealed. A new amiibo will also be released.

Today’s news ties in with Japan, as Detective Pikachu is heading to retail in the country. A physical package will be sold with the amiibo on March 23.

Here’s a trailer promoting the release:

As for the west, Detective Pikachu has now popped up on The Pokemon Company’s press site along with an image of the amiibo above and character art from the game. We’re now waiting on more specifics, so stay tuned.

Could we finally be getting a Western release of the 3DS game Detective Pikachu? Well, maybe. The game has been rated by PEGI (Pan European Game Information), which handles game ratings for most of the European countries. A game getting a PEGI rating is usually a pretty good sign of that game getting a European release, though it’s far from an official confirmation.

Detective Pikachu was released in Japan back in February 2016 – such a long wait for the localization of a Pokemon game is definitely unusual. Perhaps Nintendo and The Pokemon Company were waiting for the Detective Pikachu movie, which is currently in production, to generate more interest for the game. PEGI currently lists a December 31 2020 release for the game, though that is very likely a placeholder. We will keep you updated should Nintendo officially confirm the localization.