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Dragon Quest Monsters

Dragon Quest Monsters Switch

A new Dragon Quest Monsters game is on the way to Switch, Square Enix just announced. Specifics such as a release window were not provided.

Today’s news comes as part of a special 25th anniversary celebration video for the series. The very first entry, Dragon Warrior Monsters, came to Japan as a Game Boy Color release in 1998 followed by the west at the start of 2000.

The Dragon Quest Monsters 20th anniversary “Coming-of-Age Ceremony” broadcast just wrapped up a short while ago. A couple of announcements were made, including one that’s particularly interesting but is currently lacking details.

Square Enix has confirmed that a brand new Dragon Quest Monsters console game is in development. Not much is known at present, though we can say it will star Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest XI. It is also not a part of the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker series or a remake.

We aren’t typically keen on posting about new projects that don’t have a platform tied to them, but given Dragon Quest Monsters’ history on Nintendo platforms, we do believe that there’s a very strong chance this one will end up on Switch. If that turns out to be the case, we’ll keep you posted about the title in the future.


Square Enix is developing a new Dragon Quest Monsters game, the company has revealed.

At the Dragon Quest Summer Festival held at the AiiA Theater at Tokyo this weekend, producer Taichi Inuzuka teased, “We’re working on a new Dragon Quest Monsters game, and its competitiveness will be as fun as always.”

Inuzuka said that information about the new Dragon Quest Monsters game including platform for release will be announced soon.


The 3DS remake of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 will arrive in Japan on February 6, Square Enix announced today. Pricing is set at 5,490 yen.

Alongside the main release, a special bundle will be made available. It’ll include a copy of the game and a specially-designed 3DS XL system. This is priced at 24,390 yen.

New details have come in for Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Monsters 2 remake. You can find the latest information below.

– Three usual sizes for monsters: S, M, G
– “Super G” added for Dragon Quest Monsters 2
– Super G monsters are so big they take up all four slots on your team
– Includes monsters from Dragon Quest X such as the Queen Slime
– Can threaten monsters
– Spook a monster behind you by quickly turning around
– This startles some monsters enough to make them run away and drop an item
– Use crouching when a monster is chasing you
– Crouch the monster and it may just leave you alone
– This can be useful in avoiding battles
– Provoke out-of-reach monsters by whistling
– Can make nearby monsters dance
– Luca and Iru can jump
– Each of them has their own jumping motion
– Can fly later in the game
– Can also smash boulders to access other areas


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