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Dragon Quest I 3DS footage

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In Japan, the very first Dragon Quest game is available on the 3DS eShop. Have a look at some footage below.

Nintendo has offered up the first screenshots of Dragon Quest I, II, and III, which were announced for Japan this past weekend. Find the images below.


Square Enix has announced plans to bring the first three Dragon Quest games to 3DS in Japan this month.

Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II will get things started next week – specifically August 10. Dragon Quest III will follow towards the end of the month.

Pricing for the three titles are set at 600 yen, 850 yen, and 1,500 yen respectively.


Last week, Square Enix put out the Japanese New 2DS XL Dragon Quest Liquid Metal Slime Edition in collaboration with Nintendo. Get a closer look at the hardware with the unboxing video below.

Dragon Quest VIII is arguably one of the more important entries in the series. This was in part due to the game’s world, which was quite huge at the time.

Speaking about Dragon Quest VIII in this month’s issue of Game Informer, series creator Yuji Horii said:

“If you can see a mountain in the distance, you can run to that mountain and climb up it. Nowadays, this is pretty commonplace technology, but when Dragon Quest VIII was first released, this was groundbreaking.”

“I thought that laying out the story as a guiding path would make it possible to adventure and have fun in the world. While we have provided that path, we also intended for it to be possible to diverge from the path and enjoy the game freely.”

Lots of Dragon Quest news was shared during NHK’s recent 30th anniversary program. We got a new, brief look at Dragon Quest XI with tidbits of information, a message from character designer Akira Toriyama, and more.

On the topic of Toriyama, the television program actually gave a look at some scrapped enemy designs he drew up. Here’s a look:

The enemies are as follows:

– Arthur Sion / Arthursion
– Hentekorino (Henteko means weird in Japanese)
– Lizardman
– Halloweenman
– Boss #2

During NHK’s Dragon Quest program which aired last week, character designer Akira Toriyama – who is also the creator of Dragon Ball – shared a special message. He reflected on originally getting the job, working on the series in general, and a bit on the upcoming Dragon Quest XI.

Crunchyroll has now gone to the trouble of translating Toriyama’s message in full. You can read it below.

Square Enix owns two big franchises: Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Yet even though Final Fantasy managed to make a big splash in the west, Dragon Quest has still been trying to attain the same sort of success.

Dragon Quest executive producer Yu Miyake touched on this topic in last month’s issue of EDGE. He said Final Fantasy’s western popularity in comparison to Dragon Quest is something Square Enix has “been thinking about a lot internally”.

Miyake brought up a few different reasons in the interview. For one thing, “the source of nostalgia is different” in Japan and the west – Dragon Quest on Famicom and Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation respectively. He also believes that Square Enix should have originally given a greater effort with Dragon Quest’s localization. Finally, Miyake said that the cartoon-like aesthetic of Dragon Quest may not immediately connect with western gamers.

Miyake left some encouraging words, saying that “the age of people who are playing is rising” and there’s a greater interest overall as well. Square Enix is also trying to “soften up the ground for Dragon Quest XI” with its spinoff titles.

Miyake’s full words:

Nintendo’s upcoming “Super Nintendo World” theme park at various Universal Studios parks was talked about quite a bit recently. Now, it seems like Super Nintendo World won’t be the only video game-themed attraction at Universal Studios – Square-Enix announced a collaboration with Universal Studios Japan today. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dragon Quest, a “Real Battle Attraction” is coming to the Universal Studios park in Osaka. There, visitors will be able to grab weapons, enter dungeons and fight monsters for an authentic Dragon Quest experience.

Further details have not yet been announced so far, like the time frame for this event. The fact that this is a celebration of Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary seems to suggest that this is a limited-time only event that won’t last very long, but we don’t know for sure yet.


During the DS era, several Dragon Quest games were brought to the west. The series’ overseas status has been a little shaky over the past few years, but it’s starting to look up again. Looking at Nintendo’s involvement with Dragon Quest specifically, they just shipped Dragon VII in North America and Europe last month, with Dragon Quest VIII to follow next year.

If that wasn’t enough, Square Enix’s Noriyoshi Fujimoto told MCV that the company is “committed” to Dragon Quest in the west. When asked if Dragon Quest Builders – which might be a possibility for Switch – will affect the series’ status outside of Japan, he said:

“2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Dragon Quest series. It’s not as well known in the West as we would like but it really plays an epoch making role in the console gaming history. If gamers were to ‘discover’ Dragon Quest now, they may be surprised to the sheer breadth of the universe, in terms of variety and depth. But they would also have instant access to something that has taken us 30 years to build. Dragon Quest Builders is definitely a great way of getting the feel of Dragon Quest while having great fun right from the start.

We’re committed to bringing more Dragon Quest titles in the West as we believe it truly has potential to succeed even better. So watch this space.”

Dragon Quest XI is planned for both Switch and 3DS next year. I imagine we’ll get that one somehow – be it Square Enix directly or through Nintendo publishing.


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