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Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt and Hogan’s Alley have received new trademarks from Nintendo in Europe. Both officially entered the database today. It’s unclear if and how they’ll be used, but it’s an interesting find nonetheless.

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The Fine Brothers’ latest “React” video has teenagers taking on the classic NES game Duck Hunt. View the video below.


It’s no wonder a game such as Super Smash Bros. has become the big hit it is today. Even after its near 15 year lifespan, it seems that the Smash community only grows larger and larger every day. I mean, a game where you get to mound Sonic the Hedgehog’s smug little face in with Mario’s fire-spouting fists as Mega Man tries to intervene for that one extra kill is already my game of the century based on that scenario alone. While the series is also known for its kick-ass gameplay that’s just simple enough while still providing the necessary elements to begin a huge competitive scene, it’s mainly known for accomplishing a seemingly impossible task and gathering together all of Nintendo’s star players and making it all seem so… right. As expected, there’s a huge roster of characters to select from, boasting characters from huge series’ such as Mario and Legend of Zelda all the way to lesser known series such as Earthbound and Fire Emblem. I thought it would be fun to delve deeper into some of the more unique newcomers’ history and analyze why the characters might’ve been chosen join the battle, so let’s go ahead and do that, shall we?

Duck Hunt and Mario Party Advance, like most Virtual Console titles, have small download sizes. The two games come in at around 39 MB and 90 MB respectively. You shouldn’t have much trouble fitting them on your Wii U console or external hard drive!


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