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Fire Emblem If

Nintendo unveiled a new Fire Emblem If element during yesterday’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, which is known as “My Castle”. A video was released shortly after the presentation showing the feature in-depth. You can watch it below with full English subtitles thanks to YouTube user “shadowofchaos725”.

Nintendo initiated the pre-load for Fire Emblem If in Japan. Those with Japanese 3DS systems can purchase and download a large bulk of the game from the 3DS eShop now. When Fire Emblem If launches, they’ll only need to obtain a tiny bit of extra data. This is basically a way to begin playing the digital version as fast as possible once it becomes available.

Fire Emblem If’s pre-load weighs in at 24,666 blocks (roughly 3.083 GB). The game itself costs 5,076 yen.

Thanks to maikantopia for the tip.

Nintendo debuted a new 10-minute video for Fire Emblem If today. Be sure to give it a look below.

Nintendo shared the first information on Fire Emblem If’s amiibo support during today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct. These characters based on the figures can appear in your town, and you can fight them/talk to them. If you defeat a Fire Emblem amiibo character, they’ll join your party.

Nintendo also showed off the new element in which you build your own castle and have teammates handle the shops – basically building your own town. It’s possible to change perspectives from up top to third-person person so you can see the town in 3D. You can also visit other friend’s castles/towns and obtain items.


kantopia has once again translated the new Fire Emblem scans from this week’s issue of Famitsu. Give them a look in the gallery below.


New Fire Emblem If scans have leaked out of Famitsu a bit earlier than expected. That means we have new images from the game, as well as a bunch of new details. The latest scans are posted above, while the information (covering characters and more) can be found below.

New character details

– Cyrus (Cavalier): A fledgling Nohrian knight. Has known the Avatar since childhood; an ally in both campaigns.
– Elfie (Knight): A knight who serves Nohr’s princess Elise. Contrary to her appearance, she possesses amazing strength. Never misses training.
– Harold (Brave Hero): Elise’s subordinate. He fights with the belief that he’s a hero of justice; his drawback is that he’s plagued with exceptionally bad luck.
– Hinata (Samurai): Hails from a family of samurais who have served Hoshido for generations. Hinata himself serves under Takumi. Quick to quarrel, but thinks often of his friends.
– Oboro (Lancer): Takumi’s subordinate, who harbours a small crush for her liege (Takumi). Because of her past experience, she possesses a stronger hatred for Nohr than most people.
– Rinka (Oni): A fighter born into the “Fire Clan”. Following her father–the chieftain’s orders, she aids the people of Hoshido in their battle against Nohr.
– Tsukuyomi (Spellcaster): Unlike Rinka, he was born into the “Wind Clan”. Despite his young age, a talented spellcaster. Hates dark places.


– Avatar – Mysterious Charisma – When acting as the support (back unit), if the front unit has a C or higher support, the front unit’s Accuracy is boosted by 10, damage by 2 and damage received reduced by 2
– Hinata: When at half HP or lower, damage received by swords, lances and axes is halved
– Elfie: Light-weight – When the enemy’s Strength is 5 points higher than this unit, this unit’s damage increases by 3
– Oboro: Nohr-hater – When engaging a Nohr-related enemy, damage increases by 3
– Harold: Unlucky Soul – Enemies within a 2 tile radius have their Critical Evade reduced by 15, while the user’s Critical Evade is reduced by 5
– Tsukuyomi: Arrogance – When unit’s Level is lower than the enemy’s (promoted units count as Level +20), damage increases by 4
– Lancer Class: Defence Seal – After damaging an enemy, the enemy’s Defence is reduced by 6.
– Lancer Class: Substitute – On the map, the user can select an adjacent target to “substitute”. This probably allows the user to take damage instead of their target and useful for protecting weak/wounded allies.
– Kazahana’s inactive skill increases Damage by 10, but also increases Damage received from enemies by 10. She also has “Flowing Strike”, Vantage and Strength Seal.


In a Famitsu issue from earlier this month, the magazine spoke with a few developers working on Fire Emblem If. But it turns out that the magazine didn’t contain the full discussion. It wasn’t until today that the full interview was finally posted on Famitsu’s website.

Serenes Forest has once again taken on the task of translating the full Famitsu discussion. A summary of what was shared can be found below.

– Interview starts off with the concept behind the game
– Again, it was built around the main character (Avatar) and how his/her choice impacts the story, splitting it into 2 distinct “what if” stories
– Movie scenes are generally from a first-person perspective since the Avatar is the main character
– Phoenix Mode is designed for newcomers; not existing Fire Emblem fans
– Although it sounds like you cannot lose on this mode, there are times when you still have to play somewhat carefully
– Ex: there may be complicated victory conditions, such as reaching a destination within a certain number of turns in the Nohr campaign; failing these conditions means Game Over
– When development began, one of the major challenges was to find ways to help newcomers enjoy the game without feeling too stressful
– One thing that came to mind was the timing of when to use valuable weapons (eg. saving them for a future mission)
– It was perceived that this form of intense micro-management was too much for newcomers to properly enjoy
– Since some players may consider it wasteful to use a particular weapon, they may end up not using it at all; at which point it’s as if the weapon doesn’t exist
– By removing the durability of weapons and giving them more interesting properties, it allows for more enjoyable play, without detracting from the fun of picking weapons
– Weapon weight isn’t in, but there are “strong weapons that are harder to double attack with”, which functions a bit like it
– Javelins and similar ranged weapons can no longer double attack
– The staff unanimously agreed on bringing back Yusuke Kozaki for character designs
– Since the new game has more characters than even Awakening, there was some concern about who to call if Yusuke Kozaki didn’t accept the offer, so the team were very glad when he agreed to reprise the role again
– This game takes place in a “completely new world”
– Some familiar elements that those who played Awakening will appreciate
– Hoshido is based on ancient Japanese culture, while Nohr is built on the series’s traditional Western fantasy setting
– Nohr is western-themed, but also carries a dark atmosphere
– Nohr’s castle even stands in the middle of a giant hole in the ground
– Hoshido is a pacifist kingdom with exceptional peace and order
– In contrast, Nohr is subject to terrible weather conditions, leading to poor crop yields and a lack of law and order
– In order to expand Nohr’s influence, King Garon orders his children to invade Hoshido
– Thus the royal siblings fight for Nohr, although they each harbour their own hidden thoughts
– Meanwhile the Hoshidan royals take up arms to repel the Nohrian invasion
– As this happens, the hero–the Avatar–is stuck in between and forced to make a difficult choice
– Classes available largely depend on the campaign chosen
– In Nohr, you will typically see more characters in familiar classes, like Cavaliers
– In Hoshido, most of the characters are in Japanese-themed classes, like Samurais
– The campaign also determines the weapons you can obtain
– In Nohr, you will commonly obtain “swords”
– In Hoshido you are more likely to find “katanas”, which have slightly different properties
– Although Pegasus Knights have been in the series so far, they technically do not exist in this game.
– If instead features Hoshido’s very similar “Pegasus Warrior” class
– Pegasus Warriors can be male or female


Famitsu has now posted its complete interview with the Fire Emblem If developers online, and it comes with a few new screenshots. View them in the gallery below.


Yesterday we posted a few scan translations of Famitsu’s latest Fire Emblem If coverage. Once again, kantopia has done something similar. You’ll find character profiles as gameplay information from Dengeki’s new issue.


Kantopia has gone to the trouble of fully translating Famitsu’s latest coverage of Fire Emblem If. You can check them out in the gallery below.