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With today’s new Fortnite update, the Playground Mode is available to play for a limited time. View a video for the event below.

For those who fort nites, Epic Games has released another update to the game as of today, June 27. Below is a scarily lengthy list of patch notes from the developer.

Fortnite’s 4.4 content update is out today. It’ll add a variety of things, including the new Stink Bomb item as well as the time-limited Final Fight mode.

Below are the full list of changes:

Fortnite is breaking the mold with voice chat on Switch. The game has its own in-game voice chat functionality, meaning you don’t need to use the Nintendo Switch Online app in order to communicate with others.

In light of this news, Turtle Beach confirmed today it now offers 25 headsets in its current product lineup (not including prior legacy models) that are fully compatible with Fortnite’s in-game chat system on Switch. The company also revealed two new products at E3 last week – the Recon 200 and Stealth 300 – that are both optimally built for Fortnite on Switch as well as other Battle Royale games.

Some sort of countdown is currently taking place in Fortnite. It was found specifically in the Switch version, and may only be taking place in that version of the game. However, it doesn’t necessarily confirm Switch-only content is coming.

Here’s a look at the countdown in question:

Following Nintendo’s E3 Direct, Fortnite made its debut on Switch this week. Digital Foundry today takes a closer look at the game with a technical analysis and Xbox One comparison.

When docked, Fortnite’s maximum resolution is 900p. Depending on what’s happening on screen, the resolution can drop lower than that.

The following is an official statement from Sony…

Fortnite is finally out on Nintendo Switch, and this version is now part of the game’s continuous update cycle. Fortnite on Switch launched with version 4.4.0, and today, it received a minor update to version 4.4.1. Here’s what’s new with this new patch:

  • Shopping Carts re-enabled
  • Pro-Am matches available to view in BR clients


This information comes from Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime…

VG Tech shared a video today that explores the technical side of Fortnite on Switch.

In terms of frame rate, the game aims to hit 30 FPS. However, we can see that there are some dips and fluctuations – some more noticeable than others.