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Samus Aran Metroid Fortnite

Samus Aran and the Metroid series could have been represented in Fortnite, and while Nintendo and Epic discussed the idea, that ultimately didn’t come to be.

That news comes from Donald Mustard, the former chief creative officer of Epic Games. Mustard chatted about his time working on Fortnite with Game File, including discussions that were held with Nintendo.

Fortnite has seen a ton of different collaborations over the years, but Nintendo isn’t represented at all with any of its characters or franchises. However, Epic Games is very much interested in making something happen on that front at some point in the future.

Epic’s head of Fortnite’s ecosystem, Saxs Persson, recently said the following when asked by Axios how hard the company has tried working with Nintendo: “I don’t know what the word for, like, making diamonds is.”

Fortnite microSDXC cards

Western Digital today announced that it’s teaming up with Nintendo and Epic Games to deliver the first officially licensed Fortnite SanDisk microSDXC cards for Switch.

The memory cards are “designed to provide players with consistent and reliable storage as they drop into Fortnite, no matter how they play.” They have been tested and approved for use with all Switch systems and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty1.


Fortnite Anime Legends Pack

Epic Games has announced that it will be releasing the Anime Legends Pack for Fortnite on Switch in October.

Ten items are included in total, including new looks for fan-favorite characters. You can find the full list of the content that will be available below.

fortnite zero build

Fortnite is today introducing a brand new mode known as Zero Build.

Up until now, one big aspect of the game has involved building. Players have been able to use their pickaxe to destroy structures on the map for resources. However, with Zero Build, that’s no longer a focus.

fortnite gyro

Fortnite has been updated to version 19.30, and it’s brought along more robust gyro controls for Switch. These controls are available with the Joy-Con controllers (including in handheld mode) or the Pro Controller.

The updated gyro controls include more customization, no forced aim acceleration, the ability to make gyro inactive in certain situations, and less frequent recalibration. Also, “there is now less need to set different sensitivities depending on whether you’re sniping or targeting, since the main sensitivity slider is now scaled by zoom level.” Players still have the option to disable zoom scaling in the Advanced Gyro Options, along with setting specific sensitivities for sniping, targeting (which is now “aiming”), harvesting, building, and editing.

Epic and Apple have been going head to head in court with a new case that officially started today. After Fortnite previously bypassed Apple’s payment system so that the company wouldn’t receive commission, the game was removed from the App Store. Epic was none too pleased with the move, and has regularly expressed dissatisfaction with Apple taking 30 percent of revenue earned on the digital marketplace.

The start of the lawsuit has brought about a document that reveal all sorts of information about Fortnite – including plans that were either scrapped or could be happening in the future. This includes a whole bunch of skins that have never been mentioned before.

At the end of 2020, Fortnite added its first PlayStation character in Kratos from God of War. It’s now been announced that Aloy, who starred in Sony’s PS4 game Horizon Zero Dawn as well as the upcoming PS5 title Horizon Forbidden West, will be available as a character outfit. Like Kratos, it will be made available on Switch.

Below are all of the relevant details:

Fortnite received a new patch this week dedicated entirely to the Switch version. Epic improved the resolution and frame rate while also reducing the file size.

Now thanks to YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits, we have a closer look at the patch enhancements. A video is available comparing the game before and after the update, which you can view below.


Epic has announced that it will deliver a new Fortnite update to Switch players today. In addition to improved resolution and frame rate, the file size will be reduced.

Fortnite will now run at 660p in portable mode and 880p when docked. The file size will be reduced by roughly 140MB as well.

Here’s the full notice from Epic:

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