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Another couple of Puzzle & Dragons X videos are in showing multiplayer gameplay. Both can be found below.

Puzzle & Dragons X has a tie-in with Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition. Those who’ve played the latter latter can obtain a bonus in Puzzle & Dragons X. Players will be given Soul Armor for Tamazo based on Mario.

This unique Soul Armor features the Super Jump skill. The power of Light attribute attacks is raised by 1.5 times for one turn.


CoroCoro has given us another look at Puzzle & Dragons X’s multiplayer mode. See two players going head-to-head in the video below.

Puzzle & Dragons X launches in Japan later this month. With its release just a few weeks away, Famitsu has another article on the game this week with the latest details.

This week’s information starts with introduction of facilities in the Water City, the first city you start the game from. There are many civilians and Dragon Summoner Guild members on the island. Their conversations may change depending on story progression.

The facilities include:

1. Dragoza Communications Place

Players can trade monsters and guild cards, and receive presents from friends. It is also possible to trade between God and Dragon Chapters, so it is implied that it will be possible to trade rare monsters that are exclusive to each version.

A guild card contains the player’s max damage ever dealt to a monster, how many monsters they’ve befriended, play time, number of times they’ve used the Stone of Life, and a comment from the player. When you obtain someone else’s guild card, they become available as Puzzle Friends.

Dengeki and Famitsu both have videos with gameplay from Puzzle & Dragons X. Both can be seen below.

GungHo Online Entertainment published a new trailer for the Puzzles & Dragons X anime, airing in Japan starting on July 4. Watch it below.

Another round of footage is in for the Japanese 3DS games Puzzle & Dragons X. Check out the gameplay below.

GungHo Online Entertainment has released a new batch of Puzzle & Dragons X screenshots focusing on multiplayer. View them in the gallery below.

GungHo Online Entertainment published the latest Puzzle & Dragons X commercial today. Find the brief clip below.