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Heisei Shin Onigashima

Hello my lovely listeners! This week on Nintendo Everything Podcast, we’re talking two great releases this week: Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, and The TakeOver. We’ve got more video game updates on Animal Crossing, Bug Fables, and even Yu-Gi-Oh!, then some Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC news. We have an excellent listener mail question about hidden gem series like Hotel Dusk, Famicom Tantei Club, and other obscure text-based, point-and-click adventures.

Check out links and timestamps below, and come hang out.

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Three new games will be available on the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console next week. They are as follows:

Heisei Shin Onigashima (Super Famicom, 823 yen)
Adventure Island (Famicom, 514 yen)
Soldier Blade (PC Engine, 617 yen)

The games above are hitting the Japanese eShop on September 24.


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