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Hello my lovely listeners! This week on Nintendo Everything Podcast, we’re talking two great releases this week: Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, and The TakeOver. We’ve got more video game updates on Animal Crossing, Bug Fables, and even Yu-Gi-Oh!, then some Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC news. We have an excellent listener mail question about hidden gem series like Hotel Dusk, Famicom Tantei Club, and other obscure text-based, point-and-click adventures.

Check out links and timestamps below, and come hang out.

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A new Yu-Gi-Oh game for 3DS, titled Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyou Card Battle, has been revealed in this week’s Weekly Jump. The game is due for a digital release in Japan this summer. Featuring brand new characters for the game, the player will face off against numerous rivals in card battles. The scan shows the protagonist, a character named Guide-san who helps in duels, and two rivals: Psychic Tendo and Strong 19. Tendo will use Psychic types, while Strong 19 uses monsters with high attack power.

Though it is currently only announced for Japan, Konami previously announced that they were working on a 3DS Yu-Gi-Oh game for a worldwide release in the summer. Chances are high that this is that game.


During Jump Festa last month, Konami announced a few new Yu-Gi-Oh! games. One of these was revealed as a 3DS title.

Konami has now followed up with an official announcement for the west today, confirming that the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! 3DS entry will be available worldwide. A release is planned for sometime this summer.

Actual details about the project have still not been made known. Of course, that should be changing over the next few months.

Source: Konami PR

Konami has announced plans to bring a new Yu-Gi-Oh! to 3DS at Jump Festa 2016. Specific details about the project are currently unknown, but the title is confirmed for launch this coming summer in Japan. Stay tuned for additional information.


Capcom hasn’t slowed down on announcing new collaborations for Monster Hunter X. That’s despite the fact that the game is launching in just a few days in Japan.

The latest partnership, as revealed in the new issue of V-Jump, is one with the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. It will be possible to dress your Palico in armor featuring the Dark Magician. Materials for the costume can be obtained after completing an original quest.


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