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SteamWorld Heist’s first piece of DLC is coming very soon. Through Twitter today, Image & Form announced that The Outsider will land on April 28.

Details on The Outsider will be shared next week. Image & Form shared a teaser image for the time being, pictured above.


Image & Form is back with another episode of “The Engine Room”. It’s another Nintendo Direct-focused video, as the studio answers fan questions about SteamWorld Heist’s appearance in the presentation. View the full video below.

Image & Form has revealed SteamWorld Heist’s first DLC pack. The studio is putting the final touches on “The Outsider”, which will drop on 3DS soon. It’ll be available alongside a free update containing new languages and features. The Outsider will be on display at PAX East 2016.

Also on display at PAX East, SteamWorld Heist’s HD version will be shown for the first time. You can view a screenshots from this version above.


Image & Form has returned with another video for its “The Engine Room” series. In today’s edition, a big portion of the episode is dedicated to talking about working with Nintendo on SteamWorld Heist’s Nintendo Direct appearance. Check out the full video below.

Image & Form put up another entry in its series known as “The Engine Room”. Today’s video, posted below, shows off plenty of concept art from SteamWorld Heist.

Image & Form has gone live with its latest episode of “The Engine Room”. Today’s video is entirely dedicated to fan questions. DLC, new platforms, and more are among the topics discussed.

Here’s the full video:

Image & Form has prepared a new episode for its series known as “The Engine Room” – watch it below.

This time around, the studio tackles the topic of amiibo. To put it simply, Image & Form is interested in making a SteamWorld amiibo happen, but there would be a lot of work involved. They do want to continue to see fans support the idea, and they encourage everyone to share their own ideas for what the figure would look like and how it would function.

SteamWorld Heist has done very well for Image & Form. In fact, the indie developer says that thus far, the game “is an even bigger success than SteamWorld Dig.” This is in terms of sales, reviews, and community feedback.

Image & Form wrote the following in a new website post:

“Is SteamWorld Heist successful?

Yes, it is! So far SteamWorld Heist is an even bigger success than SteamWorld Dig. Not just in terms of sales: Reviews and community feedback are through the roof!

At the time of writing SteamWorld Heist is tied with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the highest rated 3DS game of 2015 (not counting remakes), according to Metacritic. We have no sales figures to share today, but rest assured we’re very pleased with the numbers.

Before our inflated egos won’t fit through the front door anymore we’d like to thank you. Without your support this wouldn’t have been possible!”

In other news, SteamWorld Heist’s first update which adds French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian translations has been delayed slightly due to time constraints. It should be out “before you know it”, and it’ll come with “new surprises and lots of polish.”


Family Gamer TV has posted a lengthy interview with Image & Form’s Brjann Sigurgeirsson about SteamWorld Heist. Topics include amiibo, multiplayer, and lots more. You can watch it in full below.

As a bonus, here’s the latest episode of Image & Form’s “The Engine Room”, which features a big giveaway:

Update: Here’s another video with even more gameplay:

Footage of SteamWorld Heist is now starting to come in. Take a look at a video below containing extensive gameplay.

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