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The latest update on Stella Glow introduces us to the The Knights of Regnant.

First, take a look at the new trailer below:

And here are the latest details:

When you’re just a lowly villager about to be obliterated at the hands of Hilda, Witch of Destruction, and moments before your certain demise you get saved at the last second by the knights of the land, you tend to feel indebted to those knights and do whatever it takes to join their ranks.

Well, that’s what Stella Glow’s protagonist, Alto does at least! And good for him too, since the Regnant Knights’ 9th Regiment are some of the baddest mofos around and fully capable of stopping Hilda and her Harbingers. I mean, look at Archibald. You don’t say stuff like this if you can’t back it up:

Archibald, Klaus, and Rusty make up your fellow squadmates who will help recruit other Witches and stop Hilda. Oh, and don’t forget, they’re also people you can form bonds with during Free Time (bromances, even)!

Stella Glow arrives in North America on November 17.

Source: Atlus PR

In a new announcement published today, Atlus confirmed that Stella Glow is due out in North America on November 17. The game will be sold in stores and on the eShop for $49.99 / CA $59.99.

For the retail version, Atlus is preparing a special “Launch Edition”. This will be available to those who pre-order the game “and a small quantity of launch day copies.”

Here’s an overview of the different goodies included inside:

Hilda’s Crystal Garden Cloth Poster — This is a large poster made of cloth (so it won’t permanently crease by being folded in the package!) that features the striking image of Hilda, the Witch of Destruction posing with her scythe atop a seat of crystals.

Bubu Flexi-Charm — Bubu is the pet pig of the Witch Popo, and hopefully by now you’ve insinuated that it’s super cute (because it is!). The charm is soft vinyl and since Bubu is such a loyal companion, the charm can be attached to whatever needs more piggy goodness. Oh, and it’s a real porker too at approximately 3″ x 3″.

“Song Magic” CD — This is a 5-song disc featuring the vocal themes of the five Witches. The CD will arrive in a separate sleeve featuring artwork from the Witch Tuning sequences from the game.

Collectible Outer Box — Similar to what we did with The Legend of Legacy, all the aforementioned premiums will be included in a large outer box. We didn’t just reuse the 3DS game cover either — the outer box is a new design featuring the protagonist, Alto, and the five Witches. Lisette on the spine of the box is a nice touch, and I once again salute our designers for putting together such a great-looking package.

Check out a new Stella Glow battle trailer below. We also have an overview of the game after the break.

Atlus prepared a new Stella Glow video today which highlights the witch tuning mechanic. View the trailer below, along with an overview of the gameplay system.

If you’ll recall, the game centers around the five witches of the world (4 good, 1 bad…when you’re called Hilda the witch of Destruction, you get pigeonholed, I guess) and their use of song magic. They are the only ones left in the world that can wield this magic, and what good is a song if it’s out of tune?!

That’s why Alto, the game’s protagonist, has the ability to literally “tune” the witches. In doing so, he’ll enter the witch’s heart and have to combat all the anxiety, fears, and nightmares plaguing her psyche.

And because Stella Glow operates on a revolving cycle of Free Time/Mission Time, players will have to make crucial decisions to build bonds with the witches they choose in order to gain enough trust to Tune them.

Atlus is shipping Stella Glow in North America this holiday season.

Source: Atlus PR

Atlus USA uploaded the opening movie for Stella Glow today. Check it out below.

Stella Glow is reaching Europe next spring, NIS America announced today. It will be distributed physically as well as on the eShop.

Stella Glow originally launched in Japan last month. Later this year, Atlus will publish the strategy RPG in North America.

We’ve posted an official overview of Stella Glow after the break.

Sega announced today that 7th Dragon III: Code VFO will be released for the 3DS on October 15th. The real puzzle here is exactly who is developing the game – previous entries in this RPG series were handled by Imageepoch, who filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. Despite not revealing the actual studio behind it, we know that the director is Masayuki Kawabata, who was behind some of the more recent Phantasy Star games and will be produced by Juro Watari. Both are known for games with more action-packed combat so perhaps this entry in the traditionally turn-based series will be trying for a different gameplay style. Like previous 7th Dragon games, the soundtrack is being handled by Yuzo Koshiro and features character designs by artist Shirow Miwa.

SEGA prepared a new Stella Glow trailer today that shows off Hilda, The Witch of Destruction. Check it out below.

With the closure of Imageepoch, two of the company’s games have been removed from the 3DS eShop. Super Sonico in Production and Toushin Toshi are no longer available digitally. At least those who purchased them previously can still access these titles from the eShop!

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Stella Glow has a slightly more specific release window in North America. Today, Atlus confirmed that the strategy RPG is due out this holiday. Pre-orders will open this week, with pricing being set at $49.99

Read on below for today’s full announcement and more details about Stella Glow.

SEGA have released two new trailers for their upcoming 3DS game Stella Glow, focusing on characters Sakuya and Mordimort. Check them out below:


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