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Inti Creates

Azure Striker Gunvolt won’t eat up much space on your SD card, given how the game weighs in at only 2,623 blocks.

As tweeted by the game’s official Twitter account:

Azure Striker Gunvolt launches this Friday in North America.


Inti Creates just wrapped up development on Azure Striker Gunvolt, but the studio already seems to be thinking about a sequel. The company said in its latest “Interactive Wave” video that a follow-up is likely for the future. However, Inti Creates still encourages fans to share their interest in a potential sequel.

We’ll also casually mention here that downloadable content is coming to Mighty Gunvolt. More stages are currently being worked on, though further details are not known.


Azure Striker Gunvolt launched in Japan last night, and it came with a little bonus. Those who pick up the game through mid-November can download Mighty Gunvolt at no extra cost.

It turns out that this offer is now being extended to North America as well. The English Azure Striker Gunvolt Twitter account confirmed a few minutes ago:


Fresh off the heels of the announcement today, Inti Creates have offered the first look at Mighty Gunvolt! The video is embedded below and should automatically start at the footage.


Mighty Gunvolt

Inti Creates has officially announced Mighty Gunvolt, the new crossover title between Azure Striker Gunvolt, Mighty No. 9, and Gal*Gun. First screenshots can be found above.

Mighty Gunvolt features a complete 8-bit style. Gunvolt, Eriko, and Beck are included as playable characters.

Mighty Gunvolt is out now in Japan. Those who purchase Azure Striker Gunvolt through November 19 can receive the new 3DS title at no extra cost.

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