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Inti Creates

In an update posted on the game’s official website, Inti Creates and Comcpet shared a few more details about Mighty No. 9.

In terms of Beck’s maneuverability options, players will be able to run, dash, and blast. This includes a downwards dash and a backwards jump, director Koji Imaeda points out.

We also have a tiny bit of new story information as well:

In the game, Beck can run, dash and blast baddies with the best of them, but the truth is he’s a kind and somewhat timid robot. He was never able to display his true talents in the Battle Colosseum, and came to be seen as the weak link holding back his team of fellow Mighty Nos. Gradually he lost more and more self-confidence…until! The global robot rampage!!

Beck was the only robot who didn’t go berserk, which is why he alone is charged with the daunting task of resolving the crisis. At first Beck can’t shake his fears and anxiety, but with the encouragement of his creator Dr. White, he eventually resolves to take on the mission!

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Siliconera has another round of Azure Striker Gunvolt details translated from a report from 4Gamer. You’ll find them rounded up below.

– Keiji Inafune: executive producer and action supervisor
– Yoshihisa Tsuda (Mega Man X2, Mega Man Zero): director
– Yoshitaka Hatakeyama (Mega Man 9): art
– Takuya Aizu (Mighty No. 9, various Mega Man titles): producer
– Ippo Yamada (Mega Man/Mega Man Zero games): music
– Gunvolt’s basic attacks are from his “Dart Leader” shots
– These shots don’t do too much damage but can lock on to multiple targets
– As previously mentioned, you can hold down the shot button for consecutive attacks
– Gunvolt’s electric attack is Raigeki-rin/Thunderbolt Ring
– This sets up an electric barrier around him
– When enemies touch the ring, they’ll slowly take damage over time
– Lock on to a target before activating the ring to launch a powerful electric attack
– Launch several lightning attacks that increase the total damage outut
– It can also be used to attack multiple targets
– The Raigeki-rin can also give you a hovering ability, and it can also be used to block enemy missiles and other projectile attacks
– Gunvolt has mid-air jumps and air-dashes
– Other actions can be unlocked as well
– Gunvolt can use Voltic Chain, one of his special attacks
– Once you launch it, it’ll cover the entire area in chains, followed by a high voltage attack to all enemies on the screen
– Daytona is one of the game’s foes
– Daytona’s abilities will be all about explosions
– He’ll be throwing a mix of explosive attacks along with some more that involve footwork
– Daytona has a sliding attack that’s said to have a super fast approach,
– He’ll be throwing various explosives at you, so using the electric barrier will be crucial in this fight
– Daytona also has a horseback mode, which allows him to use more special skills
– He’ll also have a special attack that takes up the entire screen
– Melac is another enemy
– Melac uses tricky attacks with his wormhole abilities
– Melac rides his hovering chair during the fight, and will place different “wormholes” with tricky attacks
– Damage him a bit and he’ll start throwing giant punches through the wormholes
– His special attack consists of blasting lasers all over the screen with multiple wormholes


Azure Striker Gunvolt is playable at BitSummit following its announcement today. Destructoid got some hands-on time with the game and shared a slew of details. You can find them rounded up below. Also be sure to check out Destructoid’s article here.

– Set in the near future
– New psychic power has appeared
– “Sumeragi” have emerged to make sense of these powers, taking to supervising those who posses it
– They’re actually running a concentration camp and holding experiments on captives
– Group known as “Feather” has risen up against them
– Gunvolt is given his first order to carry out
– High speed, high action 2D side-scrolling action adventure game
– Gunvolt is a 14-year-old boy
– Can control lightning
– Lightning works as a secondary weapon and a power-up
– Can wear down the enemy slowly with its power
– Tag up to 3 enemies to focus his primary gunfire from his Conductor Gun onto
– Gunfire is continuous with the button held
– For quick kills, a single enemy can be tagged three times with lightning to turn up the damage
– Charge can also disarm enemies, release traps, unlock doors, and more
– When not in use as a lock-on trigger, the stored charge can be used as a shield against enemy attacks
– Lightning power uses a gauge that depletes when used
– Recharges when dormant
– Successful gameplay involves keeping this power in check, using it when you need to to turn up attacks against enemies, but also setting enough aside to take care of other matters
– Lightning is also used in platforming
– Lightning allows Gunvolt to levitate
– Dash, jump, etc.
– Forest stage requires you to use lightning charges to force tree branches away to clear the way for platforming
– Swarms of insects appear to create a cloud that wipes across the screen
– This forces Gunvolt to use his lightning shield as a defense
– End of the stage has you fighting a multi-tiered flower boss
– Have to dodge slow floating pollen orbs while wall jumping
– When you have an opening against the boss, it’s best to mash a touchscreen button to use a saved special attack, sending a barrage of chains across the screen to kill it off
– Only 3 stages have been made so far
– Working with Nintendo to get the game finished quickly for Japan and North America


Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune revealed a new title at Bitsummit conference for 3DS called “Azure Striker Gunvolt”. Inti Creates, developer of Mighty No. 9, is working on the project.

Azure Striker Gunvolt is coming to the eShop this summer in Japan. A North American release is also planned.


During a recent Mighty No. 9 podcast, Inti Creates tackled a fan question about game development. Takuya Aizu, president and CEO of the studio, handled the response.

Aizu said the following regarding what order Inti Creates designs levels for their games in:

During a session at D.I.C.E. Summit 2014, Keiji Inafune provided a look at the design for Mighty. No 7 – one of the robots set to be included in Mighty No. 9. You can find all of the art pieces in the gallery above.


Mighty No. 9 may be heavily inspired by the likes of Mega Man, but with the upcoming game, Keiji Inafune and his team hope to “betray the fans in a good way.” Inafune told Joystiq that they’re looking to try “something unexpected” and “different” while also “keeping that classic Japanese action that people are looking forward to.”

Inafune said:

“Although it has very many similar elements to past titles such as Mega Man, we’re trying to do something new with it. Something different, something that will, in a manner of speaking, betray the fans in a good way. Completely do something unexpected, as well as keeping that classic Japanese action that people are looking forward to.”

Inafune didn’t elaborate beyond this, unfortunately. Fans will simply need to stay tuned for more details, though thankfully, information is released regularly.