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Inti Creates

Inti Creates has interest in making a sequel to Azure Striker Gunvolt. However, whether or not this actually happens in the future will be determined by sales of the first game and “how active and loud the fans are”.

Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu told Siliconera:

Obviously, as a developer, we put our heart and soul into Gunvolt, and so the idea of doing a sequel is exciting—but that’s a kind of high-level feeling we have right now.

In terms of ideas or core concepts we’d like to include in a potential sequel, we haven’t thought that far or deep yet. The cold, hard reality is, the key things that are going to determine whether there’s a sequel or not is how Gunvolt does in terms of sales and how active and loud the fans are about there being a sequel. If those two things are in place? Sure! We’d love to do it!


Mighty No. 9 has drawn countless comparisons to Mega Man since its initial reveal. However, you might be interested to know that the game was actually more inspired by Onimusha than Capcom’s series.

Mighty No. 9 project lead Keiji Inafune recently told Siliconera:

“Any time I do a new production, whether it’s Mega Man game I made ten years ago or Mighty No. 9 now, you look at It based on what you’re trying to do at the time. There’s never really been something I couldn’t put in a Mega Man game that I’m now putting into Mighty No. 9.”

“That being said, the sort of key areas we’ve drawn inspiration from—and this may be surprising for some people to hear—rather than Mega Man, it’s Onimusha.”

“In Onimusha, you had a system where the end user would be put into a scenario where they had to either suck in a soul to get the soul bonus, or attack an oncoming enemy. That risk represented a moment-to-moment gameplay scenario. What we wanted to do with Mighty No. 9 was include an absorption dash, where you can shoot an enemy from afar to make him weak, and dash through him to gain his power. Alternatively, you can be safe, and shoot him until he’s dead.”

“Moreover, you could choose to bring him to the brink of death so that you can absorb that enemy at 100% to get the highest score. For each even average enemy, that moment to moment risk-reward scenario is always there, and that always represents the adrenaline rush for the end user.”


A now-removed Game Informer preview offers gameplay details about Mighty No. 9. You can find them rounded up below.

– Beck can’t jump on walls
– He can dash and grab the edges of/climb ledges
– Only shoots horizontally in front of him
– Beck can continue firing at enemies until they blow up
– However, the fastest way to take them down is to shoot until they glow a certain color, then dash through them
– If enemies glow blue, you can dash through them to collect health
– Need to dash through 10 blue enemies to get a health boost
– Temporary weapon boost from red enemies
– This lets you shoot through enemies damaging the ones behind them
– Green temporarily boosts your walking speed
– For red and green enemies, a shrinking colored circle will appear above your head letting you know how much time you have before you run out
– The dash mechanic is unlimited even when dashing through the air
– After defeating bosses, they will appear in other levels to help you progress
– One boss in the game is named Battalion (temporary)
– This particular boss has an instant kill
– Damage Battalion by firing away until he glows, then dash through him
– If you don’t dash through the boss before it stops glowing, it will recover the health you took away


Some of the first reviews for Azure Striker Gunvolt appeared online today. While there aren’t a ton of them, here’s what we have thus far:

Destructoid – 8 / 10
GamesBeat – 80 / 100
GameSpot – 8 / 10
IGN – 7.8 / 10
NintendoWorldReport – 8.5 / 10

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