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Hasbro has teamed up with Bandai Namco on a new Pac-Man version of Monopoly. It’s the same board game that’s been around for ages, but with a unique twist. When players pass “Go”, they’ll play a mini game of Pac-Man.

Here’s some additional information:

According to a user on Reddit, an update is available for Monopoly on the Switch that apparently addresses load times. We previously reported on the significant load issues that players had trouble with, with the game reportedly taking up to 10 minutes to boot up. This patch seems to resolve the problem.


This past week, Ubisoft brought Monopoly to Switch. We have the game’s official launch trailer attached below.

Did you purchase Monopoly on Switch this past week? If so, you may have encountered a significant issue with loading.

Kotaku reports that simply booting Monopoly up can take anywhere from five to 10 minutes. Starting a fresh match against AI players can take another five to 10 minutes, or possibly more. That’s not good.

Ubisoft has brought another game to Switch today. Monopoly is out not physically as well as on the eShop. View some footage below.

It looks as though Target is listing Monopoly for the Nintendo Switch as releasing on October 31st. Seeing as it releases in Japan on November 9th this honestly doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch. However, it won’t be a for sure thing until we get an actual confirmation from Ubisoft themselves.


During a Nintendo Direct earlier this year, Ubisoft announced that Monopoly is coming to Switch. The game finally received a release date today, though only for Japan.

Monopoly will be available for Switch in Japan on November 9. Pricing is set at 4,800 yen.

We’re waiting to hear when Monopoly will be heading to North America and Europe. With today’s Japanese announcement, hopefully the news isn’t too far off.


Amazon UK posted the boxart for Monopoly on Switch… though it has now been removed upon checking on the listing for a second time. In any case, we’ve attached the packaging image above.

Ubisoft’s boxarts tend to be uniform across regions. The image should be the same in North America (just with an ESRB logo), but we’ll let you know if anything changes.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.


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