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Monster Hunter Frontier G

Capcom has announced a major update coming to Monster Hunter Frontier G known as “Monster Hunter Frontier GG”. The extra “G” is for “genuine” in this case.

Among Capcom’s plans for Monster Hunter Frontier G in 2014 include the introduction of the “Tonfa” weapon type. Capcom is also introducing Felyne companions, plus some sort of mysterious tower (check out the art above).

Monster Hunter Frontier GG launches in spring.

Monster Hunter Frontier G currently allows for players to dress their characters up as Dante or Lady – two characters from Devil May Cry. The crossover will be available through Christmas.

Sword users who are level seven or above can put on Dante’s costume, and gain access to the Rebellion I and Rebellion Kai I blades. Lady, a gunner, can use Jealousy I and Epidemic I.


Leaks from the latest issue of Famitsu reveal an interesting tidbit for Monster Hunter Frontier G. While we don’t have the exact details just yet, the game will feature a collaboration with Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series.

On Wii U, Frontier G will include two special costumes from Fire Emblem. Players will be able to dress as Chrom and Lucina. It’s unclear if there any any additional costumes or further collaborations at this time.

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